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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

I'll figure it out later. Lots of trips this year!

EDIT: My list has changed a lot... 148 new creds just this year as of July 10th!


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

TilySlo said:
^ it is his own opinion, respect it!

All he did was ask a question and stated why he didn't like the ride.


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

And he's obviously wrong in his opinion ;)



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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

Although I've got a rather short list due to my lack of credits, here goes...

1.) Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit - Universal Orlando (Why is everyone so negative about it? The forces are great, there's nothing wrong with the restraints and the music compliments and enhances the experience)*
2)Raptor - Gardaland
3) Kraken - SWO (Previous favourite)
4)Kumba - BGT *
5)Nemesis - AT
6)Swarm - Thorpe*
7)Montu - BGT*
8)Hulk - IOA*
9)Sheikra - BGT*
10)Rita - AT
11)Shockwave - Drayton
12) Oblivion - AT
13) Stealth - Thorpe
14)Manta - SWO
15)G-Force- Drayton
68) Sequoia Adventure - Gardaland (OUCH)

Don't know where to place the disney rides...

*=New for 2012

Maybe Mirabilandia and Alton this year :--D


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

I only got one new credit this year but it was up there.

1. Millennium Force- Don't see why the coaster community hates this one. It has great airtime, flying along the lake like that is amazing, you get a great view from the top, those overbanks pull just the right level of force, and the tense atmosphere created in the station is just one of those feelings that can't be described until you've felt it yourself.
2. Maverick- I got to ride this one in light rain and it was AWESOME. I thoroughly enjoyed the beating I took on that one due to the brisk nature of its layout and awesome launch.
3. Intimidator 305- This one and Maverick are close since they're essentially the same thing, but this one wasn't as choppy as Maverick and that's what got it a lower ranking. It's still an amazing ride, though, and anything that goes so fast that it needs trims to keep the wheels from melting will still be awesome when you ride it no matter how much they trim it.
4. Diamondback- It's the flagship attraction of my home park and needless to say, I'm pretty happy to live so close to it. I love how the area on which it's built is as secluded and away from the park as it is and the airtime this thing dishes out is awesome.
5. Wild Eagle- I do expect a lot of people to disagree with this one, but personally, I enjoyed flying around that mountaintop with nothing above or below me. The view is breathtaking, the theming in the ride area, while minimal, is well done, and it's an amazing ride on the front right side.
6. Intimidator- I think that a coaster plopped in the parking lot is as ugly as the next guy thinks it is, but for Intimidator, for some reason, it fits. It's big, tall, and fast, so putting it on flat ground with the hot Carolina sun beating down on it makes for a good ride. The trims do hurt it a bit but my favorite part still has to be the airtime and that awesome hammerhead.
7. Thunderhead- The only GCI I've ridden and I feel like I need more. This is my favorite wooden coaster due to how smooth it is compared to others and the fact that the roughness comes from the layout and not the track. Though when we went to Dwood this summer, I was wearing a belt with my shorts and the buckle added half an inch to my waist and I couldn't get my restraint down that extra click, turning me into a loose object for the coaster to throw around. Ouch! (But still fun! Can I do it again? :p)
8. The Beast- Another one of my favorite woodies, The Beast is known for its low-to-the-ground terrain layout and length, and even though it's pretty rough, whizzing past the trees like that is a lot of fun. And it's possibly the best ride in the park at night.
9. Alpengeist- Busch Gardens really outdid themselves with this one. This is just like any other good terrain-hugging B&M Invert but it's MASSIVE. I like the theme they chose, too, so that's why I like this one.
10. Volcano: The Blast Coaster- This seems like an RCT3 fantasy coaster brought to life, and both launches are stellar. The layout is a bit repetitive, but it has some good footchoppers and I rode it when there was a huge storm on the way, so the sky was all dark and ominous-looking.

Sorry for my long-winded explanation of everything. :p The only real change I expect to be made is Gatekeeper landing somewhere in the bottom half of the list.


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

Mine seems to change quite a lot in the minor places, to the extent that I'm only really certain that my top 2 haven't changed.

1. Dragon Khan
2. Nemesis
3. Swarm
5. Oblivion
6. Velocity
7. Saw
8. Nemesis Inferno
9. Kumali
10. Rita


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

This is what mine stands at going into the 2013 season. I have a feeling the top won't change too much but there is a good chance of some movements towards the bottom. :)

1 - Skyrush - Hershey Park
2 - Bizarro - Six Flags New England
3 - iSpeed - Mirabilandia
4 - Colossos - Heide Park
5 - Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure
6 - Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion
7 - Black Mamba - Phantasialand
8 - Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure
9 - Shambhala - Port Aventura
10 - Raptor - Gardaland


Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

New ones I rode for the first time in 2012 are in bold, new coasters I rode before 2012 but didn't make the list are italic.

24) Formule X - Drievliet
23) Desert Race - Heidepark
22) Lynet - Farup Sommerland
21) Polar X-plorer - Legoland Billund

20) Bobhan - Heidepark
19) Krake - Heidepark
18) Thunderloop - Slagharen

17) Looping Star - Bobbejaanland
16) Space Mountain: Mission 2 - Disneyland Paris
15) Teststrecke - Tilburg Kermis

14) Goliath - Walibi World
13) Silver Star - Europapark
12) Wodan - Europapark
11) Oz'Iris - Parc Asterix
10) The monster - Walygator Parc

9) Colorado Adventure - Phantasialand
8) Olympia looping - kermis
7) Eurosat - Europapark
6) Fluch von Novgorod - Hansa Park
5) Colossos - Heidepark
4) Troy - Toverland
3) Piraten - Djurs Sommerland
2) Blue Fire - Europapark

1) Expedition Geforce - Holiday Park

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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

1. Blue Streak - Cedar Point*
2. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith - Disney's Hollywood Studios
3. Gemini - Cedar Point*
4. Expedition Everest - Disney's Animal Kingdom
5. Iron Dragon - Cedar Point*
6. Crazy Mouse - Biloxi Crawfish Festival
7. Primeval Whirl (Left and Right) - Disney's Animal Kingdom
8. Disaster Transport - Cedar Point*
9. Space Mountain (Alpha and Omega) - Disney's Magic Kingdom
10. Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Cedar Point*

It will look better once I go to Dollywood, Waterville USA, Lake Winnie, NASCAR Speedpark, Silver Dollar City, and Worlds of Fun.

I put "*" by the new ones.

What I expect it to be like by the end of the year:

1. Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City (maybe...)
2. Prowler - Worlds of Fun
3. Wild Eagle - Dollywood
4. Patriot - Worlds of Fun
5. Powder Keg - Silver Dollar City
6. Mamba - Worlds Of Fun
7. Wildfire - Silver Dollar City
8. Thunderhead - Dollywood
9. Blue Streak - Cedar Point
10. Cannonball - Lake Winnepausakauh

Should have 40 creds by the end of this year unless I win that Ferrari World drawing I'll get 43 creds and if I win that I'm planning on stopping at that new Catoon Network themed park and Stargate Indoor Park, and Idk how many creds CN Land will have, could have none, but if they don't have creds then it should be 44 from that bizarre spinning cred at Stargate.

Used to be too "scared" for taller coasters, but now that I know more about them I can ride any coaster. :)


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

1 - Colossus - Thorpe Park
2 - Megafobia - Oakwood
3 - Nemesis - Alton Towers
4 - The Swarm - Thorpe Park
5 - Odyssey - Fantasy Island
6 - Big One - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
7 - The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley
8 - Grand national - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
9 - Air - Alton Towers
10 - Oblivion - Alton Towers
11 - Kumali - Flamingoland
12 - Stealth - Thorpe Park
13 - Dragons Fury - Chessington
14 - Avalanche - Blackpool pleasure Beach
15 - Vampire - Chessington
16 - Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park
17 - Velocity - Flamingoland
18 - Raptor Attack - Lightwater Valley
19 - Shockwave - Drayton Manor
20 - Saw - The Ride - Thorpe Park


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

andrus said:
I don't see why I305 doesn't get more love at this forum? Everyobody seemed to hate it during the live! :p

And on the forums, and internet in general! I was expecting the worst after all the flak I heard about it and it was pretty sweet!
Not to be that guy...but its people being weak :lol: It's too forceful/the abrupt turns.

My weak ass top 10...got better in 2012 and I'm sure it'll be stronger after this seasons end. Surely 4-5 will be dropped and the order altered, maybe even #1 finally
1. M Force
2. I305
3. El Toro
4. Skyrush
5. Nitro

6. Maverick
7. Storm Runner
8. Incredible Hulk
9. Kraken
10. Grizzly (KD) It was just really fun, and epic airtime in the last row!


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

^Or trims sucked everything out of one half of the ride.. whether it be trims on the drop or the second airtime hill.. when half the ride blows, it doesnt make a good coaster.

However, the drop, first turn, and airtime hill were **** majestic. Definitely coulda did without the OTSR's though.


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

^Agreed, with lapbars (or proper OTSR) it probably would've been my #1!


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

^It would definitely boost it a decent amount. Of course, it doesn't KILL the ride, as Maverick is my #3 with choppers MUCH more violent then 305.. and it's not like I don't like the ride, much like SkyRush, I just don't adore/despise it like some do.


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

Snoo said:
^Or trims sucked everything out of one half of the ride.. whether it be trims on the drop or the second airtime hill.. when half the ride blows, it doesnt make a good coaster.

However, the drop, first turn, and airtime hill were **** majestic. Definitely coulda did without the OTSR's though.

Yeah but that's actually a fair point, better than people whining about the intensity, or a plethora of other not very good reasons. The trim hill did kinda suck, and I know people hate this (having to "learn" how to ride) but if you just kept it out of thought, the trim was tolerable. That last flick was still pretty intense too! I can only imagine what it'd be like without, though even more people would complain :lol:
When I get to Bizarro and Boulder Dash it will probably fall out of my #2.

The OTSR weren't that bad..those new ones are made of a soft seat belt like material, felt no pain even after 12 straight rides. Opposed to Maverick where I got the "intamin shoulder" after 3. Obviously lap bars would've been better though.

Edit: Shame they can't remove the trims and make that an epic airtime hill and just make some big sweeping turns after it, replacing the neutered next hill and final flick. I'd prefer the increased speed for sure.


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Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

Going into the new coaster season, my top 10 coasters are as follows:

Intimidator 305
El Toro
Kingda Ka
Apollos Chariot
Goliath (SFOG)
Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

I had two huge issues with I305, one is that the restraints just make it feel like you're cocooned in safety and 300 feet could be 10 and it wouldn't change. The main thrill of airtime is the feeling you're going to go flying out but with those restraints (even more so than with normal OSTRs) it just felt like you were being lifted up but would never for a second leave the seat, eliminating most of the thrill. I completely prefer Maverick's restraints simply because they are more open and less restrictive. The other big issue was that there wasn't any amazing airtime and the ending was just stupid with the severity of the trim on the first bunny hill. I overall felt like it lacked variety (was just positives and sharp transitions with a little airtime) what it could have used was a couple of good airtime hills and a low g maneuver like a stengel dive or gentle overbank. (Note this was in August of 2012)

Anyways, my top ten as of now, not having ridden anything yet this year:

1(t). Skyrush - Basically the pinnacle of what a coaster should be, short and sweet with good variety
1(t). Coaster - Frightening airtime with almost no restraints and a good helping of lats, the best coaster trains ever built
3. Maverick - Some moments of brilliant airtime, some good positives, inversion and directional changes, very well intense and well rounded
4. Tremors - Lats, airtime, and just pure fun; albeit it is getting a little rough and could use some more topper track
5. Stormrunner - Brilliant launch, great airtime, and of course the heartline roll and flying snake dive
6. Apollo's Chariot - The single most enjoyable and rerideable coaster I've ridden while still being exciting
7. Top Gun/Afterburn - Old school B&M forces combined with no MCBR for blazing pace
8. Magnum - Brutally awesome airtime, that is all
9. Xcelerator - Brilliant launch and mental thing seeing people before you get launched right out of the station, great airtime but needed more
10. I305 - Good but lacking as explained above
Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

Alot has changed over the closed season even though I obviously haven't re-ridden any rides or added creds, but the season ended with:

1. Oblivion
2. Nemesis
3. The Swarm
4. Stealth
5. Nemesis Inferno
6. Saw: The Ride
7. Thirteen
8. Rita
9. Air
10. Colossus

Then after rethinking the layout

1. Oblivion
2. Nemesis
3. The Swarm
4. Stealth
5. Saw: The Ride
6. Rita
7. Nemesis Inferno
8. Thirteen
9. Colossus
10. Air

In all honesty 5-8 are all incredibly close for me as I love the indoor segment of saw, but I find the ride sort of dies. Rita I like a good launch, but only occasionally do I get airtime over those hills, Inferno is a good allround ride, which is reridable but I can't help feeling it never really excels at anything and thirteen is poor until the drop segment which I find fantastic, so all of those rides are good, but not amazing. Over the next year I don't really see much changing, with the exception of swarm which may go up depending on how good the backwards seats are, and considering I rate good drops over anything, hence oblivion beating nemesis, who knows what might happen. And the smiler could go anywhere from 1st to 3rd from what I can see at the moment.
Re: Top 10: 2013 Edition

El Toro
Goliath over Georgia
Superman: Krypton Coaster

Next 10:

Millennium Force
Apollo's Chariot
Boulder Dash
Dania Beach Hurricane
The Voyage
Phantom's Revenge
Riddler's Revenge

I am guessing after this year Ravine Flyer II, Behemoth, Leviathan, and Sky Rush may reorganize my list.