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Thunder Looper vs Rita


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I was just reading some information on Youtube, and it stated that Thunder Looper (Alton Towers) reached 60mph in 2 seconds. Faster than Rita, which does it in 2.5 seconds.

Does this mean that Thunder Looper was actually a much more forceful ride than Rita? How come such old technology can beat a new Intamin coaster in terms of acceleration?


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RCDB has it down as 53 MPH, and no relation to how fast it got there. The newer models say 57MPH.

To be honest, over the short launch distances, and the low(ish) speeds I don't think it's possible for you to notice any real difference anyway. It's difficult enough to tell the difference between Rita and Stealth - I honestly don't think it IS possible.

It's a different feeling too, with the loop so soon after the launch - lots of high G's on that baby :)

Good rides, but nothing "excellent" (I do love the backwards drops on the shuttle loops though, and backward loops :) ).

The technology was very basic really. Big weight hauled up the tower and dropped. It's effective, but brutal.

Of course, to get faster, you need a higher tower, or a heavier weight. So a bit limited all told.


Well, most of these acceleration numbers are a bit off really.

I can't really make a comparison between Rita and Thunder Looper, since I don't have access to accelerometer data of those. But I have on Desert Race and Greezed Lightnin' (SFKK), which are pretty similar models.

and for those I have:
Desert Race: 2.1 seconds
Greezed Lightnin': 4,6 seconds

And I guess that Rita and Thunder Looper are in the same area respectively.
To be honest, I can't make up my mind which gave a better experience.

But as for stats, don't believe anything RCDB says outright.

Rita is faster than advertised, it takes just under 1 second to hit 60mph. So when it comes to technology, the system that intamin buy is far more powerful and infinately adjustable.