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Thorpe Park - TR


I've been to Thorpe back in 2008 and had a good day even though Rush, Vortex and Stealth were down! Anyways I wanted to go back as I had yet to do Saw and Stealth. I hadn't much time to spend in the park due to catching a flight in the evening and given that it was a Sunday in July, I opted to purchase the Ultimate fastrack.

Well I arrived to see a pretty big queue for tickets but I had pre-booked mine so only queued for around 10 minutes. The day was slightly overcast which got very warm in the afternoon. The park was pretty busy as expected and most lines were full.

Anyways onto the rides! (Sorry no pictures as I wasn't in the mood to take any)

Nemesis Inferno: Fun B&M Invert with some pretty decent theming. I really like the pre-lift section, it just adds more fun to the ride. I found the front to give the best ride but I'd rate it just under Batman and definitely not as good as Nemesis. It also broke down mid-day and was brought down to 1 train operation. It was funny hearing the peoples response when it was announced queue time had doubled :p . 8/10

Colossus: OWWW!!! This has definitely gotten allot rougher since my last visit. The first half feels like a Vekoma SLC, full of headbanging and shuffling. The back two seats of each car are also very cramped. However, the in-lines are awesome and are the smoothest part of the ride. Hands up through them is just so much fun. Shame you have to experience pain before you get to them. 6/10

Stealth: First impression - It's open!!! I have to say I wasn't expecting much and was really surprised by it. The launch is awesome and the top-hat actually produced some decent airtime towards the front, while the drop was more awesome in the back. The hill/brakes were also quite fun as you are thrown forward. Overall a really fun although short ride. I'd say it's better than Rita but I'd still rate it below Baco, Superman and Ka. 8/10

Saw: The Ride This was my first Eurofighter and it wasn't built on my last visit. As I used fastrack I didn't get to experience the queue but from what I have seen they have done a pretty decent job in theming it. As for the ride, it was okay. The indoor section was decent, as was the drop and the inversion after the MCBR. The rest was pretty crap. It's pretty rough and doesn't seem to have a nice flow to it. I found the back to provide a more comfortable ride than the front. 5/10

Rush: Was also down after an accident on my last visit. I think it's a bit over rated, it's fun but I was expecting more. 7/10

Vortex: It's a decent ride but due to the large gondola you don't swing high to often. I prefer the smaller versions. 6.5/10

I went to do Slammer but it broke down and I didn't see it re-open as I was there. I didn't bother with Det as I done it before and it's not that great and Saw: Alive had a massive queue and wasn't included on Fastrack. I just spent allot of time re-riding Inferno and Stealth :p .

Overall I had a great few hours in the park, it definitely is nowhere near as good as Alton Towers but it's still a good park. It's a shame Saw turned out to be kind of crap, I hope the newer Gerstlauer trains found on Huracan give a smoother ride.