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Thorpe Park mega goon competition


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The hunt for the nation’s biggest theme park fan is on! AsTHORPE PARK Resort gets ready to welcome guests back, planning to reopen from 12th April in line with the latest Government guidance, The Island Like No Other has announced a once-in-a-ride-time experience for one lucky theme park enthusiast.

Seeking out the UK’s biggest theme park fan to crown most deserving of being the first to step foot onto the island like no other as the park reopens, Thorpe Park is asking the nation’s thrill seekers to submit their applications to be the first through the park gates on 12th April.

With the winner getting to ride their favourite rollercoaster before any other member of the public this year, experiencing all the park has to offer as the first through the gates, the truly exclusive experience will also see them take home a money-can’t-buy Thorpe Park Annual Pass so they can relive their special moment time and time again.

For the chance to win the exclusive prize, applicants simply need to email thorpepark@popcornpr.co.uk with the following:

• No more than 200 words on what makes them the UK’s biggest theme park fan
• Up to three images that bring to life their passion for theme parks and coasters
• Their favourite Thorpe Park attraction and a short description about why they love it

Entries close at midnight on Monday 5th April, so don’t delay!

(If you haven’t realised this a press release and not a CF run competition. Chat to Thorpe Park if you have any questions about entry.)


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take home a money-can’t-buy Thorpe Park Annual Pass
So they're not selling annual passes this year!?

I've booked my ticket to Paultons on the 12th and to be honest I'd much rather do that than be the first guest of the year into Thorpe to ride one of their decade old coasters.


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I thought the park couldn't get more depressing but I think being there alone might just do it!