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Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

Nicky Borrill

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So I went yesterday afternoon, got to the park for 1:30 and managed to get on Hyperia twice and the rest of the park. Easily one of the best days I've had at Thorpe in years, such a great atmosphere even right up until 10:30pm. I'll share my thoughts later on.

I am absolutely gutted for Thorpe to read they can't get it open today. After such a successful opening and running flawlessly pretty much all day yesterday this is a big blow for the park.

I got told by an operator the shutdowns yesterday were mainly issues with the gates which were tripping the ride out, so would be interested to know the issues today.
I said last night that I thought it would be that, as they were doing the whole “get the f away from the gates” announcement each time they closed them.

What is with Thorpe and Air Gates? Didn’t they have this issue with Colossus?

Matt N

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For what it’s worth, engineers are apparently inspecting the bottom of the lift hill and the drive tyres at the bottom.


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What is with Thorpe and Air Gates? Didn’t they have this issue with Colossus?
Colossus had new sensors fitted to the air gates in 2017, and it became even more sensitive to the slightest of movements.

@Matt N beat me to it, but i’ve seen quite a lot of engineers working on it at both the top and bottom of the lifthill. Hopefully it will be back open on Monday for my next trip to Thorpe.


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This is exactly how I imagine thoosies who rode it yesterday talking to the guys there today



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And on the topic of the certificates, if you didn’t get one it’s ok guys. Only £75 on Ebay, what a steal for a free piece of paper!! In addition, if you want a bit of genuine confetti from the opening ceremony that’s gonna cost you only 50p, I genuinely don’t know how a deal that good is still up?!?!

I actually don’t get why people think they’re going to make anything selling this, obviously no one is going to buy it right…

Matt N

CF Legend
I don’t know if this is just me being overly optimistic, but to me, the fact that they’ve given specific dates potentially implies that they have some idea of when they hope to reopen provided everything goes well, with that hope being 30th May.

If they didn’t, I feel like they would have either have updated the announcement on a day-by-day basis or said something vaguer like “Hyperia will be down for the foreseeable future” without specifying exact dates.

It is a massive shame that the ride is having a multi-day closure when the opening hype is so high, however… an unavoidable shame, and one I absolutely don’t blame on the park, but a shame nonetheless.


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Oddly enough, Hixee and I joked about grabbing some and giving it away on CF. But we thought better than picking rubbish off the floor!

That wasn’t rubbish, that was genuine opening day Hyperia confetti!!

If they manage to get it open 29th May that isn’t the end of the world but that is certainly going to ruin many peoples bank holiday weekend trips.

Can’t be helped, the Thorpe team must be gutted after such a great VIP & opening day.


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There was a very obvious and quite worrying rubbing sound developing on the station exit lean element, sounded like metal on metal. It was on both trains. Was that concerning that me and some other goons considered reporting it, but we had time for another ride and didn't want them to close it. 😂😂😂

MY review.

Firstly, the organisation was very very good, honestly, after Voltrons opening, to see a UK park smash it out of the park like that was refreshing. The crowds that turned up, for one thing only, could have lead to serious issues, but the planning they put in, and the way they executed it, was fantastic. Massive well done.

We waited 7 hours for our first ride, I **** you not. We got there at 8:45 just after they filled the holding area inside the park, so had to wait in the hold outside security. It was 15:45 when we finally got on. I eventually got 3 rides. one back right seat, which was insane, one row 8, and one row 2. You do not need the back to feel the ejector, which surprised me, you get good airtime towards the front too, in fact, it's less aggressive and smoother at the front, but definitely still there, so some may prefer it. However, at the back is where that ejector becomes world class.

I DO LOVE the area, even more than I did seeing it in pictures. It's not finished, that's no surprise, we all knew that was going to be the case, but it's a lot more 'complete' than I expected, and the general aesthetic of the area is fantastic imo. If this is what stylised means, bring on more stylised coasters! I can definitely see how this is very subjective though.

The station is a bit disappointing, although it looks much better at night with the lighting, projections and smoke effects.

Would I like the ride to be longer? Sure, it's a shame the trim needs to be there to slow the train down. However, did it feel too short? Not at all, it actually feels very satisfying in length. The elements hit so hard, and are each such big moments that by the time you've done them all, you're absolutely satisfied.

That first drop is by far, THE BEST FIRST DROP I've ever experienced in my life. And that's coming straight from riding my previous favourite first drop, Hyperion, the very day before!!! You're thrown out of your seat the entire way down, and then spun around, causing awesome ejector to become even crazier, due to what I like to call 'The Tumble Dryer Effect,' (centrifugal force... Obviously.)

The immelmann is fantastic, looks like you'll only get ejector in the back, but you get some sustained ejector on this element in the front and middle too.

The outer bank is every bit as insane as it looks, I expected it to feel like hang time, but the way it kicks you out the seat whilst you're still fairly upright, then introduces that tumble dryer effect again, makes the whole element feel like some of the longest 'none first drop' ejector I've ever experienced.

Stall is fantastic, it felt like hang time on the first ride, but felt more floaty in the evening. I don't think it's better than Zadra's stall, but it is bloody fantastic still.

The Stengel offers some more very strong ejector, though a much shorter, sharper pop this time, more akin to the kind you find on RMC or intamin.

Much better than Voltron for me... And silky smooth in comparison too... So far at least!

Overall, I'm in love, move over Nemesis, your 30 years was good, you've served us well, but anybody that rides this and still thinks you're the best coaster in the UK is being a sentimental old bar-steward.
Waited a long time for your review as you've been such a good contributor to this thread, The ride sounds amazing

Nicky Borrill

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I think it was not only a hilarious move to pull, but also a nice little acknowledgement and a subtle congratulations from the PB team.

I’m sure they are trying to come up with something… But I honestly think this was more just a genuine little nod from them to Thorpe.

PB should hire the truck again for the next few days, park it outside with “Our Big One Works!”