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Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024


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This thread has been going for over two years and we've all been conversing on Hyperia pretty much daily. But still, I can't fathom for the life of me how we've ended up with this thing in the UK and I still don't truly believe it's real. To see it topped off is amazing!

16th tallest rollercoaster in the world (with a lift hill).
Not forgetting tallest ever Mack too


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Matt N

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Purple: Main queue
Left pink: Fast track
Blue: Single riders
Right pink: Can't make it out, so assuming disabled/RAP entrance
Ooh, I hope it does have a Single Rider Queue! If it does, I’ll certainly be racking up lots of goes on it on my solo trips to Thorpe!

I had thought that they’d ruled out a Single Rider Queue in the original planning application, but that piece of paper would suggest otherwise…


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It does look like a single rider queue, while hard to tell it looks like the stairs into the station are split in half so one side is merged main queue and fast track while the other is single riders. Honestly if we have a single rider queue ill be super happy and spend some whole days in it 😅

Also some drone footage ☺️


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oh man im so excited for this now!,

does anybody have an idea of what they will be doing regarding tidying up the surrounding area? is it just being left as a swampy puddle mess or do they plan to re-landscape? i know they had initially planned a plaza area that had been scrapped. has the splashdown itself been scrapped?