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Thorpe Park Fright Nights - How Frightening?


Mega Poster
Personally I don't find them that scary, but I have only been in two mazes, and one was the saw maze, which I got bored in, and tried to make friends with the actors.... But my friend came out of Hell Gate last year in tears cause one of the actresses had stroked her face and asked her if she wanted sweets... I dunno that's funny as to me


Giga Poster
^ I would have said "hell yeah I want some sweets" and waited until she provided me with some sweets.
I honestly don`t know if there scary or not as I have never been in a maze nor do I ever intend to due to wasting valuable "riding in the dark" time.
The girls in our group yesterday went on a couple of them and they were all unimpressed by them.