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Thorpe Park "bans" big-breasted woman

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Re: Thorpe Park "bans" big-breasted woman

“I’m not fat but the safety bars and seats are not designed for large-breasted women.
Unless the mum-of-one's titties droop to her thighs, the reason she was denied Rush was nothing to do breasts. Bye.


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She's responding to all the comments against her on the article, which are quite amazing.

"Does she not realise it's for safety reasons? Maybe if they make the restraints bigger they wouldn't be as safe. Just get over it instead of going to the papers about it."

Her response;

"I can do what I want its me who's laughing at the bank"

Pretty much sums up the article.


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"Nah I didn't go for one ride lol"

Another comment from her that sums this up perfectly. She clearly doesn't care that she couldn't get on two rides, the rest of her day was obviously fine and she managed to get onto other rides. Clearly just her few minutes of fame, from the sounds of it she's trying to get a date as well - going on about the size of her breast and the fact she's single (one commenter made a compliment and she replied with "lol" - clearly not too bothered about the situation then).

This is exactly the same as anyone who is turned away from a ride because they don't meet the height restrictions. Must be a slow day when the news talks about a woman who didn't meet the restrictions for a roller coaster.


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She left Thorpe Park with nothing but bad mammaries

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Ridiculous story.

So she didn't fit in the restraints, so what.

I love how she actually called it the walk of shame though <3.


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What an absolute tit. I hate the GP of the UK, always trying to milk their small events into these massive media outbursts.

I wouldn't call her obese, but she's 'plump' to say the least.


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I don't think her events could be described as small, but she could certainly milk them...

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Size 18 woman says she's 'not fat'...



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Well, none of those photos show Jordan on Colossus, so, maybe she had to do the walk of shame too? :p

It's so hard to tell looking at people if they're going to fit or not on a ride... Most of the people I would have to take off a ride were male and tall. Women are, in general, less often a problem because they are usually shorter. You can get away with being wider if you're lower down in the seat on most rides. I bet thats how the women thrown out of New Texas Giant wasn't "too big" for the ride, but the lapbar was resting on her in the wrong place (not her waist), allowing her to stand.

It made me laugh how common the "this is discrimination" comment would be. Don't they realise that if they were accommodating for larger persons, then smaller persons wouldn't be accommodated?

That said, Colossus has some seriously poorly designed trains and restraints, so... I feel like anyone complaining about that ride's lack of accommodation towards their size is in full right to do so. Doesn't help that the test seat allows larger persons to use it than the actual **** ride does. That's ****. So whilst a dumb article, obviously... I kinda agree with her in the case specific to Colossus. The park should sort out the test seat so it matches the train, at the very least.