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Theme park soundtracks that get stuck in your head

Matt N

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Hi guys. Audio is arguably a key part of the theme park experience, even if it’s not something that often gets talked about. When it does get talked about, you often hear enthusiasts say about their favourite soundtracks, but what about those soundtracks that just get stuck in your head for ages after you hear them? That one theme park tune that you feel as though you’re hearing in your sleep after you’ve visited the park, because you just can’t get it out of your head? So my question to you today is; what theme park soundtracks just get stuck in your head whenever you hear them?

I’ve got two I can think of.

The first will probably come as no surprise; I’m nominating The Smiler at Alton Towers’ soundtrack for this. I don’t think I would have been able to make a thread about this subject and not mention The Smiler’s soundtrack! I actually rather like The Smiler’s soundtrack, I’ll admit, and I think it fits the ride very well, but I’d happily challenge anyone to stand in the queue for any extended period of time and not have “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…” looping round in their head for hours afterwards:

The second is a slightly more left-field choice, but I’m also going for the Oakwood park-wide theme tune for this, too. It’s a perfectly pleasant loop, but it’s only about 2 minutes long, and it’s played around practically the entire park. I certainly remember this being stuck in my head after my last Oakwood visit in 2019, and my Nan was driven mad by it within about 10 minutes:

But what theme park earworms can you think of?


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Great topic idea Matt!

The two that I remember are Helix:

This one is just incredible, no explanation needed.

And Chiapas. Don't know why but whenever I think of Phantasialand I think of that voice singing "Chiapas". I always leave the Chiapas station dancing in my boat to this song.

Both of them do an incredible job of setting the mood for the ride.


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I mean Helix and Smiler are the obvious two. I mean honestly anything by IMAscore can be on here, but I'd like to give a mention to the Big One and Icon's Notable Stranger soundtracks.


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Chiapas will always be my favourite theme park soundtrack, especially the part from the backwards disco tunnel. As for the UK it would have to be the theme for Haunted house Monster Party at Legoland.



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Chiapas' entire soundtrack is the answer for this. Much like the entirety of the experience itself, it is practically perfect in every way.

I'm also a big fan of Lech's music played in the pre show like room:


Hyper Poster
That carnival dark ride at Efteling.

Absolutely infuriating.

Got stuck on it for half an hour because it broke down.

The 4 bar chorus loop repeated over and over again drove me ****ing nuts.

Literally only rode it once and can still remember the tune clearly to this day.


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^ I wasn't thinking about dark rides before. It may be low hanging fruit, but "It's a small world afterall." The same unavoidably catchy refrain and in no less than 5 different languages!

Matt N

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^ I wasn't thinking about dark rides before. It may be low hanging fruit, but "It's a small world afterall." The same unavoidably catchy refrain and in no less than 5 different languages!
Oh my; I’m not sure how I forgot about It’s a Small World! I must have had that tune stuck in my head the entire time I was last in Florida…


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Off the top of my head:

- Furius Baco's silly theme song.
- TTD's Ready to go (I can still picture waiting for boarding the first time listening to this and getting reeeally pumped!)
- Some Disney classics (SM:DLTALL, Phantom Manor, Splash Mountain)
- Phantasialand's Taron, Chiapas, Black Mamba
- Helix
- Psyké Underground
- Walibi Holland's Speed of Sound (former "Hello World!") and Lost Gravity ("Move Up")
- Efteling's Joris an der Draak, Baron 1889, Vogel Rok, Vliegende Hollander
- Europa Park's Eurosat (former "Liftoff!") and Euro-mir
- Troy (former soundtrack)


Hyper Poster
Chiapas and Carnaval Festival are topping the charts so far!

I'd give an honourable shoutout to Katanga Canyon at Alton Towers, it's not quite as catchy but it was stuck in my head for weeks after I last visited

Matt N

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Ah yes; I love the Katanga Canyon track! The second one in that video especially brings back so many memories!