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The Most Awesome Book



So... I’m a fairly new member of this community having been spurred on by an exciting holiday I have planned visiting theme parks. Coasters have now become my ‘go to’ source of excitement... but this was also the case many moons ago back in the 90s. I recall owning an AWESOME book full of sweet coaster photos that blew my mind as a young teenager.

So, eager to show my parter the source of my coaster inspiration, I hunted that book down and bought it!!! See below and BEHOLD!!! What an absolute joy to have in my hands again!!

It’s 100 pages long and to give you a taste I’ve taken some snaps for your pleasure. It’s a pretty big book and the photos are lovely - would recommend getting your hands on a copy. Look at that cool artist’s drawing of montu and the mantis layout!!




Is it a red hardback under the dust cover? If so, I think I also had the same book! Used to spend hours poring over every picture! Thanks for the blast from the past :)


Mountain monkey
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Ahh, those were the days. When B&M Inverts were the cutting edge of coaster technology, and it still seemed like a good idea to put the wheels on the inside of coaster rails.

Time really has flown.