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The mist on oblivion


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Ingested Banjo said:
Nah I definetly prefer no mist, because then you are looking down this vast ugly concrete tunnel that fades off into the gloom. That sight, like some kind of deranged underground station trailing into the mysterious void underneath the Earth's surface, or like a well or cavern into the pits of hell itself, was enough to make me go weak at the knees and start spewing descriptive verse everywhere.

Although I'm gonna say I do enjoy entering a nice damp hole once in a while.
Good innuendo, quoted.

Disgunstingly poetic may I add.

It is good with little mist, but I preffer it with mist, makes it scarier because you can't see whats coming and simply because it's there, also at Scarefest, when it's night time, you can see the mist being sprayed, and it is an amazing sight.