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The Incredible Hulk Coaster

Is Hulk all it's Hyped up to be?

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i dont really think its that good. Ye its got a good theme and a good launch but thats it, from there on its boring.


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I think it's great- not the best in the world by any means but still a very enjoyable ride. I was a bit dissapointed by the launch but the cobra roll is awesome.


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I've never ridden the Hulk, but i've heard lots of reviews. A lot of people comment on how good the launch is, along with the start of the ride (zero-g, cobra, loop etc), but the second half is weak and boring.

Personally, I think the second half of the ride looks as interesting as the start, with some good twists, and a nice compact layout. My expectations of the launch aren't that high, can't see it being any more powerful tha anything i've ridden before.


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I thought that Hulk was pretty much everything it was hyped up to be. I did enjoy the launch, since it really does come on pretty quickly, and the whole ride in the back is a very intense ride, especially the cobra roll. So, yeah, I really did like it, and IMO, it was definately better than DD.


I love it. It has a great launch and a gaint cobra roll. It suits the park well. Themeing is good too. One of my faviroute parts is the mist what is in the launch.


Yeh Ita absolutley brilliant ride! One of my favourites. From begining to end its fantastic. The themeing is great too! :)


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An overused phrase if ever there was one, but it's really quite good, lots of nice big inversions to start with, then a good end layout that keeps the ride going right until the end.


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I think the reason why some people seem to be disappointed with Hulk is because they have seen a lot of over-hype of the coaster. I really think that if you expect too much from a ride, you're going to be diasppointed with it...and if you expect little to nothing from a ride, you're going to be impressed. Personally, I was never overly-exposed to the over-hype of it, so I didn't expect much. When I see huge inversions on a B&M, I usually take that as a warning sign that the coaster is going to be forceless. However, I was very, very surprised after my first ride.

I rode in the back seat, and I think that's the only seat where the launch is really excellent, since you're still at the bottom of the cannon when the launch starts, so you ride all the way up the cannon. The barrel roll in the sky and drop are extremely unimpressive. However, the cobra roll is very impressive. It's mainly because of it's size, so the dips in the middle of it are very large. I also was very impressed by the vertical loop. It had forces going into it and coming out of it, and some hangtime when you're upside-down. In my opinion, the second half of the ride is better than the first half of the ride. The brake run isn't very powerful like on other B&M's, and there is a drop after it. If you're sitting in back seat; going over the edge of the brake run produces massive airtime going into the drop, similar to the experience found on a wooden coaster's double drop. Then, you have a corkscrew and a lot of turns, but you're still doing about 45-50 MPH. The speed makes this part by far the most forceful part of the ride, and it even made me start to wonder if I was still on a B&M! Also, in one spot, I experienced my first time ever having head-banging on a B&M. It wasn't nearly as painful like on an Arrow or Vekoma, but I still got a little bump to the side. In my opinion, The Incredible Hulk Coaster never really lets up throughout the course of the ride, which is rare on a B&M coaster that isn't of the Inverted type. It's not the best coaster, or even the best B&M there is, but it's still a very good ride.