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The death of Miragica, Italy


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Anyone know the inside scoop on what happened to this place?

Been researching some Italy stuff and their website implies but doesn't outright state that they aren't open at all this year.

So I contacted them by email for details. Got a very fast response - so there's still people working there on an admin level.
Email said 'they don't know when they will be open and will update the website when they do know'.
A month has passed - it doesn't look promising.
Social media has done nothing since January.
Strange. But why?

Matt N

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RCDB says it's still operating, but your info above implies the opposite. Very strange... perhaps some unforeseen circumstances have kept it shut?
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Well I can sort of answer my own question now this has appeared:

Google Translate:

With reference to requests for information on the situation of the Miragica Park in Molfetta (BA) it is specified that the structure, although operational, will remain closed to the public in this season, as the company Miragica Spa in s.u. is affected by the financial restructuring process of the Alfa Park Group (within which the sale of the Rainbow Magicland Park in Rome Valmontone has recently taken place) and the outcome of which will depend on the possibility of relaunching the initiative next season.

Won't be going there then.


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Aka, they're hoping to get bought out. Really interesting, I knew they were owned by the same group as Rainbow Magicland, but not the extent.


I've heard a lot of the 'newer' parks in Italy (this, Rainbow Magicland, Cinecitta World etc.) haven't been doing well past opening. Seemed like they just got built and then immediately stagnated.