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The Castle Dungeon


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Well this attraction is now open to the public in Warwick Castle. I must say, it looks pretty damn good.

Here's a video review from Scare-E TV when Jason went through it. You can see some classic scenes from the other dungeons such as the torture chamber and the courtroom, but there are also plenty of new scenes.
http://www.scare-e.tv/video/340278-behi ... astle.html

What do you think. Is it a good addition to Warwick Castle? Have you been through it? If so what did you think?


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I think it is a really good addition to Warick Castle as they needed something scary in there. When I went it had a lot of traditionaal scenes like the mirror maze and the court room and the torture chamber. This has an outside area at the start when all the people are coming up to you.

Anyway I went to this attraction and I will rate it 9/10 good dungeon


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Erm, what has this got to do with roller coasters and theme parks? Aside form that Warwick Castle is on the Merlin Annual Pass which also includes four theme parks?

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