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Tell me... Montu or Nemesis?

Montu or Nemesis?

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Since a lot of lucky pond-hopping Brits have ridden both, i'd like to know what the majority thinks?

I've heard nothing but good comments about Montu, but does it beat every Brit's (except Ben) personal obsession?


Please give an all over comparative reasoning!

(Ben is also forbidden to vote for being silly.)


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I haven't ridden both, so I won't vote.

However, I'm pretty sure that Montu would beat the crap out of Nemesis, purely for that crazy batwing if anything else.


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I'm gonna say Nemesis.

The main reason being is that Montu is awesome all the way upto the midcourse brakerun, and then it just creeps through the rest of the course! The midcourse is harsh, really harsh. It really spoils the ride after the great start.

The theming is on par with Nemesis, if not above, but the ride experience is lacking once you hit those brakes halfway around.


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I won't vote if your so loathing of it :p.

But, Montu is fast and intense, shame it dies when it hits the MCBR or it'd be really good, and knocking on the door of my top five. However, it does die. The second loop sucks, the faff after it is dire. The last wingover is really good, but it doesn't stop the rest of the second half sucking.

And, yes UC, Montu's theming is much better then Nemesis'. But, still, not amazing. Good, but not the best. It's got some really nice bits though (the whole area is great, the huge wall at the entrance that the Immelman soars up, queue details etc). I dunno, actually thinking about it, I really liked the theming. The nicest in the park, I'd say. Yeah, better then Nemesis'.

I won't even get started on Nemesis' bad points, you're all probably bored of the Nemesis-moaning (plus, it gets worse every time I ride it).


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Ultimate Coaster said:
The theming is on par with Nemesis, if not above, but the ride experience is lacking once you hit those brakes halfway around.
Think so? Nemesis mustn't be nearly as well themed as you guys say it is then.....Sure, Montu is themed, but I didn't think it was THAT good (minus the trenches at the end).
Yep, Nemesis isn't actually really themed. It's just dug out of a mass of rock. The deliberate theming is "alright", but nothing as good as Montu's. Nemesis is about the area and feel of the place, based on landscaping, rather than a deliberate theme (though some of it like the APC's and stuff are pretty cool).

Just thought I'd best straighten that out :)

I wont vote as I've not ridden Montu, but it's on my list of coasters (along with Alpengeist) that I pretty much know will be better than Nemesis and must be ridden. :)


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Montu is my favourite out the two.

You have all pretty much said it, Montu does die after the MCBR, which is a shame, but everything up to then is non-stop action.

When it comes to theming they are on a similar level in my opinion. Montu's would have been better if they hadn't got rid of the crocs :wink:


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Has Montu always died after the MCBR? I rode it when it first opened in 1996 and dont remember it doing so. It was mad all the way through if i remember correctly (It was a while ago though)

If it ran without this in its early days, i would say Montu. The theming on these coasters are different but IMO equally good.

In fact now im totally undecided which to vote as Nemesis is a awesome coaster as well. Doh!

EDIT: thought about it and voted Montu due to its scale and size.


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Has Montu always died after the MCBR? I rode it when it first opened in 1996 and dont remember it doing so. It was mad all the way through if i remember correctly (It was a while ago though)
I'm almost 100% sure the trims were added later, can't remember the exact year though...


I personally think that Montu would be better than Nemisis.

But yall are right, the MCBR ruins the experiance.


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Nice to see i could have been one of the lucky ones who rode without trims.

It was a far more intense experience to Nemesis. I remember noting that when I got off and threw up everywhere! Its very rare for me to throw up after riding a coaster only once!

Glad now I chose Montu. Would certinaly like clarification on the trims being added.

Anyone out there rode it when it first opened as well?


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Montu has never been an invert that i particually took any interest in. That might be because of it's location. When i go to the Florida parks, i don't want to go in the enthusiast minds eye. But recently i've heard a lot of people putting in a very good word for it when before i never heard anything. (or, i just wasn't listening)

Nemesis is a work of art, so much so to the point where it was never designed to tell the whole story. It's that intricate, that much an expression of it's creators, that it's past being a coaster. Removed from that, i'm pretty damn sure that there are a heck of a lot of inverts out there that kick it's arse even deeper into that pit.

Like all pieces of fine art, you'll either adore the look or hate it. There is no denying that Nemesis, as an entire ..thing, is perhaps one of the most thought out, designed and considered coasters on the planet. It's what sets it apart from even Black Mamba. Nemesis has a history, both in it's 'story' and in it's design. It's got the same depth, meaning and consideration as any painting or sculpture. And the responses from enthusiasts and the general public alike are as varied and vast as they get.

At the end of the day, as a coaster, Nemesis is (in my opinion) excellent. But it's more than that and it's past that. It's not about that and it never was. Nemesis was as much for the onlooker as it was the rider and it deserves respect for that reason. If you happen to think it's a world class roller coaster experiance as well, then double the reason to respect it.

That's my perspective. I'm not just an enthusiast, i don't only care about what a coaster feels like. I use all my sense because, as an artist, i'm awear of those things. The world interests me as do other works of art and Nemesis is one of them.


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I havn't seen or been on any of these two coasters in real life, but judging from photos and reviews I have heard from people who have been on it, I would say I would rather ride Nemesis.

They both have had a lot of faff surrounding them, but I think Nemesis is more deserving of the fantastic reviews. It seems to be intense all the way through, unlike Montu, which I hear dies a bit through the course. Nemesis also has that really intense helix, and I might just prefer the themeing of it over Montu's themeing. It also seems situated better in the park its in if you understand what I mean.

So yeah, Nemesis, but I'm not voting as it wouldn't be fair.
Nemesis is way over rated.
Sure its fun, but it's not scary/has no drop/ is short/ no airtime/ is only 45 MPH (slow for a B&M inverter)/ and has no height.

Every other B&M inverter I have been on beats it.
Which includes- Raptor, Montu & Batman.

Let me tell you something- the only peeps that worship Nemesis are deluded fanboys here in Blighty who have yet to ride the better B&M inverters.
No one in America would rank it amungst Montu/Raptor/Alpengeist.
Great theming does not make Nemmy a great ride.

Montu is the third tallest B&M inverter in the world, and also has the most inversions of any inverter in the world.
I rode it 5 times last year and it is the second best inverter I have been on.
It owns Nemesis.


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Take a look at Disney - Disney plans out and thinks out all of the attractions it's ever built. Hell, look at Everest - even though it technically isn't complete (the back of the building has yet to, and the way things are looking, won't get, it's mountain facade), it's still got so much intricate detail that it's mind boggling. Hell, Disney uses authentic carvings and sculptures from Nepal.

Is Nemesis well thought out? Yes. But it isn't worthy of nearly as much praise as you're giving it - there are plenty of other well-thought out rides out there
The difference is that Disney is in it's own league. It's not just a theme park, or a theme park company, it's a company that knows how to research and do it well from years of experiance. It IS an art company.

Disney don't have the restrictions that everyone who conceived, planned and built Nemesis had to work by. Fitting somthing that unique into a design brief so tight is incomprehensible.

Nemesis, as a ride, is debatably worthy of the praise it gets. Nemesis' themeing is also debatable worthy of the praise it gets... But the effort? But the time, consideration, planning and ultimately that first idea? That, right there, is what makes Nemesis so special.

If i create a peice of work that is on par with my usual level of detail, skill, etc... Somone else may think it's pretty amazing, but to me it's just another doodle. If i create somthing that i know surpasses my usual level in somthing, whether or not it lives up to somone else's doesn't matter. Do you understand?

Great theming does not make Nemmy a great ride.
Then Disney might as well pack up and go home.

You're deluded, my friend, not me. Nemesis' themeing isn't what is special, nor is it the ride itself... no is it any singular part of it. Not the zero-g, not the q-line. It's all of it. Together. As a whole. As an entire experiance.


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HAJiME said:
You're deluded, my friend, not me. Nemesis' themeing isn't what is special, nor is it the ride itself... no is it any singular part of it. Not the zero-g, not the q-line. It's all of it. Together. As a whole. As an entire experiance.
I was going to quote UC and put pretty much that myself. There are indeed a lot of excellently designed rides out there, Disney one sin particular.

I think the difference is that Disney have fairly mediocre rides, that are made stunning by the effort that goes into them.

Nemesis (when built), was a world class coaster. There were very few coasters that were better for a good few years. That's just on a pure ride front. It has aged, and been surpassed now by pretty much every other Invert out there. However, as Joey says, it's the way it's done that makes it special. It's the elements combined. If you're just walking on to a ride and expecting a great ride experience, Nemesis is good, but nothing outrageous.

However, nothing can really get across the way it interacts with the area it's in. It roars around you as you queue down into the pit. It speeds out of the pit up to the pathways in Forbidden Valley on the helix and sends rushes of wind through the area. Near the station, you queue almost up to the height of the top of the loop, and can see it thunder down to the water and out. As a total, sensual experience, Nemesis has it right. It abuses your ears, it's visually interesting, you can feel it hammering around you. You just can't taste or smell it (though the station is a bit metalic).

It's something that can't be put across in words, but as Joey says, it's not individual theming (Montu's is better on a pure theming view), it's not the ride (there are certainly better), it's not even the interaction with the queuers (again, I'm sure there are better). It's just the fact that everything it does is "good" individually, and comes together as a whole to make it something captivating (and arty).

It's easy to say one bit is sub standard compared to something else, but until Mamba came along, there has been nothing that has all the elements put together in one place that adds up to such a great whole.

Of course, this post will be ignored because people can't seem to understand that you can have opinions that are "grey". You have to fanboy something, or hate it in an anti-fanboy fashion. It's possible to view things from a different perspective and appreciate good points and bad to give an overall opinion.
Great post Furie.

Nice to hear from someone in this thread who is not a hater or a fanboy.
You made some great points about how basically the 'recipe' of all the different elements of Nemesis make up for a great experience- que, theming, interaction w/ scenery on-ride.

I was a Nemesis fanboy back in 94 when the ride first came out.
Rode it many times from 94-97, and basically until 2002.
Returned to AT this year and just found the ride boring.
I guess I have been on it too much and more importantly been on better B&M inverts.

By 'better' what I mean is purely from an on-ride perspective.
That's all that I care about.
What the ride offers.
Nemesis has an awesome theme but this does not make for an awesome ride in my eyes.

I went to Thorpe last weekend and rode Nem Inferno for the first time.
Sure its another small B&M invert, but because it was fresh I find the ride much more enjoyable than the original, and as such prefer it.

When it comes to coasters I want to be a little scared, and the ride to have
airtime/strong G's/Height & Speed.
Nemesis has G's that?s it.

From a purely on-ride perspective, I doubt Nemesis would come in a realistic top 10 list for most thrilling inverters.
When I went to Florida, I was expecting Montu to be the daddy of all coasters, and was surprised at how disappointing I found it. Whilst it is still a very good ride, it still lacks a certain something...

I found the themeing on Montu to be distinctly average for a Florida park, whilst it would compare extremely well over here, it was poor compared to Disney/Universal standards, and not particularly exceptional by Anheuser Busch's standards. The ride was OK, it certainly was poor after the MCBR, but even before that it didn't amaze me.

As someone who would class B&M Inverted coasters as their favourite ride type (my top three are all B&M inverts) Montu was disappointing. It might be one of the bigger and better ones out there, but it certainly doesn't compare to Nemesis.

Nemesis is just nemesis, it's perfect. By that I mean that I can't see any way in which it could be better, it works as a package more competently than any other coaster out there, providing an amazing overall experience. Nemesis has been eulogised enough, suffice to say that you don't feel the same after you ride Montu as you do with Nemesis.

Also, for the record, Nemesis isn't my favourite coaster, but it's definitely preferred to Montu.


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That doesn't necessarily mean Nemesis doesn't deserve the praise. It just means there is more rides out there that deserve the praise and respect.


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sitting here thinking

I would say Montu.

There is nothing wrong with nemesis, but for me montu leaves a bigger impression.