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Excellent! Even better the layouts had to be altered from the Tripsdrill Versions, so they will be different ride experiences!

But 2023 though? Was expecting this to be 2020/2021. Oh well, at least it's going ahead. Maybe they'll add some other rides in the meantime.

^Also one of you two probably needs to delete your post.
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^ Well the original 2021 opening with work starting in 2019 obviously wasn't achievable anymore, neither the pushed back 2022 date now with how long the fight for planning permission went on. Its a great shame for the park but not at all surprising. Nevertheless I hope it does well for them would be great to see Tayto grow more.

The full press release from the park's website which gives some details on the jobs that'll be created, and the extra spending and design changes for sound proofing (lets hope for more sound wall updates)
Today, Tayto Park, Ireland’s only theme park and zoo, announced approval on two new steel intertwining rollercoasters which will begin construction in 2021 to open to the public in 2023.The rollercoasters, which represent a total investment of €15million by the park, will create 40 new jobs in the area.
Speaking on the announcement, Founder of Tayto Park, Raymond Coyle said, “Today is a very exciting day for Tayto Park and Co. Meath. This is the largest single investment in our history! We currently employ 420 people and not only will the new coasters add employment to the local economy, they are securing the future of the park’.
To secure the planning, Tayto Park has spent over €1,500,000 on noise reduction methods. This is made up of multiple factors which included completely redesigning the coasters after the initial planning stages. Designers reoriented the tracks to direct noise back into the park and away from housing in the area.
The rollercoasters are due to begin construction in 2021 and will be open to the public in 2023.


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This is awesome news. It's taken a while, but this is a huge step forward for the park.

Since Cú Chulainn opened, Tayto really felt like a park with a single stand-out attraction, then a massive gulf, then a load of filler attractions. It looks like they've been working on trying to raise the floor a bit over the years, but it's never felt like they've managed to fully bridge that gap between headline and filler. These new coasters will really help round out the lineup, and give them a proper collection of headline attractions. This should be the point at which the park can really lose the odd split personality, and start to feel like a more coherent and consistent park.

I really enjoyed Tayto when I visited in Cú Chulainn's opening year, and have been meaning to go back for a while. The fact that it'll be a few years before these open won't necessarily stop me from taking a quick trip to Ireland if won't cost the earth and I can find convenient flights, but as soon as these open, you can pretty much guarantee I'll be on a flight to Dublin within the year.

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Maybe COVID is the reason for them not opening it until 2023? If I were Tayto, I wouldn’t want to promise these coasters for 2021/2022 when we don’t really know how things will progress from here. By 2023, I’d say that the crisis will almost definitely be behind us in the vast majority of scenarios, so Tayto can give themselves plenty of room for the pandemic to blow over before they open the rides.


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Originally they said it would open 2021 with work beginning in 2019. The timetable is the same just shifted back. With planning permission having only just been granted this week after such a long struggle it would be unrealistic to expect them to already arranged for work to start soon not knowing what the outcome would be.

If there was a chance of starting work before the end of this year corona will have definitely killed it. Be it a park management decision from their financial situation, availability of contractors or the impact its had on Vekoma's orderbooks who knows.
A couple of new NL2 POVs of the coasters:-

In this recreation, the STC has the same number of inversions as Hals. I hope in the future, we will see different kinds of inversions on these, but I do think this could be better than Hals providing it doesn't go as slow towards the end.

The STC looks pretty damn good, quite forceful probably with good forward speed, I really like the first part with the underground mister stuff.
Indeed the last section seems a bit slow and was surprised to see another inversion come up. Hopefully it will ride differently than how that looks from this animation.

Looking forward to my first visit to Tayto probably 3 years from now, lol.


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^Not counting the Pinfari up in Northern Ireland's Barry's Amusments (although it is a travelling ride just set up there permanently); then yes it is the first proper inverting coaster on the island. And it definitely is for the Republic of Ireland.