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Hi folks, your forum popped up when I went looking for info on the new coaster in Tayto Park

This weekend was opening weekend and they had a special price of €20 (entry + wristband) and numbers were good.

They’ve added some theming elements to Viking Voyage but not the animatronics etc mentioned here. Still an improvement. Of the 3 ‘buildings’ only one is now completely lacking.

Cu Chulainn was running great. Only one train but it was flying and super smooth. Wait was about 15-20 minutes at 4 pm

The little Ladybird Loop is fun. If you’re unfamiliar with the park it’s placed in the section with all the kiddy flat rides and this really stands out both in terms of theming and ride quality there.

The new Zierer should be open in June or July. They had the train on a bit of track in the construction area. It was white with blue/red on it. There’s no signage up yet with the ‘eagle sky’ climbing frame/slide obscuring it a bit too

They’ve also added bits to the zoo and tidied up the aviary/world of raptors area. The Lemur Woods attraction will be open in May


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^The Zierer has been confirmed to open next month.

For those visiting the park this year, there are some ride closures at the moment:-

Extreme Climbing Wall - Opening 15th April
The Rotator - Opening 19th April
Endeavour - Opening Late May
Dinosaur's Alive - Opening June
Tayto Twister Slide - Open July/August (peak season only).


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Is it just me, or does some of that track on the first drop look a bit strange compared to the track of other Zierers? It seems to have triangular cross-beams (is that what you call them?) instead of the usual Zierer straight beams that the rest of the ride has.
Flying Eagle, that this ride is a clone of, also has that and likely will all future Force 281s:-
Video by World of Parks TV.
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Press release from Buzz.ie about Flight School and a look at the front car.
Tayto Park have announced plans to open Ireland’s first ever flight school for kids, ‘Flight School’.
The exciting new attraction will mark the latest addition for children in Ireland’s only theme park and zoo, located in Ashbourne Co. Meath, which is now open for the season.

The state-of-the-art 13.1 metre high attraction is currently under construction at Tayto Park, and will be completed and open to the public mid-May.

The new airport-themed ride, designed in Germany, is a gently paced but exciting ride for youngsters, reaching up to speeds of 46Kph.

The 281 metre long track will accommodate 10 carriages carrying 20 people at a time and is set to give young pilots a real experience of what it is like to take to the skies! On arrival back to the flight terminal, flyers will also have the option to leave with their very own Tayto Park pilot driving licence*!

Speaking at the launch, Founder of Tayto Park, Raymond Coyle said: “Here at Tayto Park we’re always looking for innovative and creative ways to enhance the experience for families at our theme park and zoo.

"Flight School will be the first of its kind in Ireland and is bound to be very popular among our younger visitors this season enhancing the overall family fun experience at Tayto Park."

This year, visitors to Tayto Park can return to the theme park and zoo with their previously purchased entry tickets and receive 25% off their second visit.

In a new addition, Tayto Park announced that Irish TV and radio presenter and mum of three, Lucy Kennedy will be the official MC for the inaugural ‘Funfest’ Family Festival at Tayto Park which takes place this June (29th & 30th).

The weekend festival will host 16 Irish and International music acts on the main stage across the weekend and the big top tents will host magicians, dance acts, circus performers and much more.

Tickets are priced at €55 per day and this includes entry to the park, wristbands for all attractions (as many times as you want) plus entry to Funfest.

On 29th & 30th June, Tayto Park will only be open to Funfest ticket holders, tickets available at www.taytopark.ie.

*The pilot’s driving licence can be purchased for an additional fee at the end of the attraction.


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Wonder how the theming will be.

Also I note to confirm the clone this ride is precisely the same length as the flying eagle ride above but slightly higher at 13.1 meters as opposed to 11 for flying eagle.
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At first, I was expecting the "new family coaster from Zierer" to merely be a Force Zero, but I was pleasantly surprised when it was revealed that this was going to be a Force 281! I actually have taken quite a liking to the model as the out-and-back layout seems rather unique for a family coaster of this caliber - most of them tend to be twister-shaped.


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I suppose next year we get to see the coasters under construction - it will have to do :D

I'm still amazed the Zierer didn't need planning permission, it's a permanent structure. This suggests they could build similar sized rides at short notice?

Anyhow nice addition as a bridge to 2021.


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I'm still amazed the Zierer didn't need planning permission, it's a permanent structure. This suggests they could build similar sized rides at short notice?
It did get planning permission. Just because we don't know about it doesn't mean it doesn't have permission. If it didn't have permission, it wouldn't be here.


ATI was still in nappies then @Lofty

Retrospective planning is very common across all kind building works. The only time it causes issues is, if the person building can not back up any benefits the complaints accuse the project of not having.

In the theme park world as @Lofty stated happens quite a lot. The benefits being more income to the local area.


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That's true - genuinely would have been like 5 years old... Lol.

But yeah, it's really not too uncommon to hear about to be honest. A better understanding of this industry would've made this easy to follow ;)