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Swarming Up For The Season | Trip Reports


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Cheers to everybody who turned up today, was one of the best trips to Thorpe I’ve had in years!

Particularly pleased to meet so many new enthusiasts! I hope everybody felt welcome and had a great time, too.

Come on then, phones and cameras were out all day, let’s see your photos and hear your thoughts!


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That was a bloody wonderful day! Thanks to @Serena for organising and everyone who came along to make it so enjoyable. Old & new faces, but lots of good fun and chat. Plus, a quiet park so lots of fun.

I'm beaming. What a CF trip should be. :)

I'll do some pictures soon...


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Enjoyable day out at thorpe :), thank you to everyone who made it what it was.

Roll on blackpool in 40 Days, 13 Hours and 32 Minuetes ....but i not counting.


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Just got back in myself. So glad I made the trip, actually made Thorpe enjoyable for once! Will post my digipass photos as I receive them from Picsolve, feel free to tag yourselves if sat next to me! (@Howie yea, my thumbs still looking odd in ride photos...)

colossus.jpg inferno.jpg rumba.jpg saw 1.jpg
(Can't remember who this was but it's on my digipass for some reason, fairly sure it's a member of the group today)saw 2.jpg saw 3.jpg saw 4.jpg saw 5.jpg saw 6.jpg walking dead.jpg
Stealth, Swarm and Fish photos yet to come


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A top day of vegan cupcakes, choice poetry, a pub quiz and er... oh yeah, the creds of course!

Lovely to meet all you guys, cheers for the warm-welcome to a long-time lurker, first-time live'er.

Thanks Serena for organising a great event and taking the time to hand-write all those name tags!


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^ Ha it looks like I am having a snooze on The Walking Dead! Thanks for posting them all.

Overall I was blown away by my first CF live - it was such a good group and super well organised by @Serena. The Logger's Leap poetry by @Ian was a particular highlight. Looking forward to seeing everyone again next time!


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Firstly, a massive thank you to Serena for organising today, keeping everything moving and (hopefully) making sure even the quiet ones like me are involved with the group.
Nice to meet and chat with the likes of Howie and Mushroom, and anybody else I chatted with throughout the day.

Will drop a picture spam below (I'm so sorry Ryan and Ben but they were timed PERFECTLY), only really worth dropping my thoughts on Derren Brown and Walking Dead as they were new for me.


Eww Photobucket now has a ****y watermark, oh well. Give me a shout if anybody wants any particular one without the watermark and I'll see what I can do.








Why does Chris look like he's just cruising round with an arm out the window chilling?


This one has potential...



Had a brilliant day, best I think I've had at Thorpe. Apart from the one long queue for Derren Brown, everything was 10 minutes or less if not walk on.

As for Derren Brown - as I was saying to Ian over lunch, it's aesthetically and technically brilliant - but when you boil it down, it's just going from A to B whilst you watch a quick video and someone tickles your leg occasionally. The last part (that I was told is the newest part) was brilliant though.
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Despite the long queue for DBGT, it was actually one of the best queues experiences I’ve had. The “guess the cred stuck to my head” game (I’m sure it probably has a snazzier name) was a brilliant time waster - even if I couldn’t guess Space Mountain! Lol, times two. Also a good chance to chat to people. And to top it off, I had the best, almost flawless, run through on the ride I’ve ever had! Wasn’t too keen on the Tron effects during the VR though

And for those who could hear me, or didn’t go, here’s my Loggers tribute:
Oh loggers Leap, how we’d queue for you like a flock of sheep.
Your double drop was a work of art, you really were the Flume of Hearts. Your fibreglass trough full of flowing water thrilled generations from mother to daughter.
Your hour long queue full of bees might soon be replaced with an RMC
But your tremendous stature never did kid. Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did.

I really loved the memorial they’ve made for Loggers. It’s the only photo I took all day!


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^Cred Head?

Good day, that. Enjoyed it lots. I missed out on all the UK Lives last season cos I went mincing round 'Murica with that other geezer, but it was great to go to a 'proper' Live again with all the silliness, the goonery, the games, the nametags, the cupcakes, the poetry and the faff. And of course, you lot. Yeah, you're cool.
Big shout out to the newbies and the first timers, thanks for coming, you all did very well and should fit in nicely round here, hope to you see you all at future events very soon.
Sooooo, who's comin t'Blackpool then? :)


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Swarm photo is now up! Unfortunately, person next to me is kind of cropped out but hopefully can still recognise yourself!


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Old school round-up then of yesterday's highlights:
- Judging everyone's fave cred name tags
- Peter singing 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,210, 11 CREDS to everyone at every opportunity and also Peter telling everyone that they need to get more creds (FYI he's 5 and has a count of 129 haha!)
- Mini goon-quiz and application of BODMAS
- Failing massively at Cred Heads
- THAT splash on Rumba Rapids
- Whoring Stealth at the end of the day
- Derren Brown's Bum Hole (if you know, you know!)
- Depth Charge race
- Sue not making us wait for her ONCE
- Logger's Leap poem (RIP)
- Voguing on The Walking Dead The Ride

So much other fabness that I can't even list but yh, it was an excellent day.


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You know you've been on a CF Live when you find yourself constantly smiling and reminiscing of all the laughs and nonsense you've just experienced. What a smashing day that was!

Firstly, a huge thank you to all the new people who came down. I remember how daunting that first meet up can be, so thank you for making the effort and getting involved. You were all great and I hope to see you all at more Lives in the future!

Secondly, thanks to @Ian for writing the most beautiful poem anyone has ever written...about a log flume!

Thirdly, thanks to all the old familiar CF faces who made the day an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Riding roller coasters is great, but riding them with CFers is THE BEST. It was lovely to see you all <3 I'm so glad everyone had a good time.

And I'm still in a state of shock that we had such a brilliant day at Thorpe Park...minimal queues, good operations, live actors on TWD, the park looking nice and floral, plenty of rides on my beloved Saw... couldn't have asked for more, really!

Now I'm off to hum the Colossus music to myself for the next week...


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Yesterday was absolutely outstanding - haven’t been to a live that good in years and I’ve not seen Thorpe on such good form for years.

Really was fab to see so many new people, even if I’m still terrible at getting round to everyone!

I think I pissed myself laughing about a thousand times, the ****ing, naughty lion, the Rumba spite, slithering around Stealth various times, Ambbbullanncce, you, broke, everything!

So good, roll on Blackpool!


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Great day! one of the most enjoyable "single day" lives for a while - NIce to see all the new faces, and I never thought I'd say this about thorpe park on the opening weekend - but it was just so chilled and laid back - only slightly busier than the "off peak days" from a few years ago!

First time I've done tWD since they rethemed it from X - They've done a great job with the effects on the ride, and I do like the brake run with the screens, where you shuffle forwards and backwards, and OMG - I saw Jordan from the teaser ad, actually on it!

A fitting tribute to loggers leap too - I'll miss it!


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Sounds like a hell of a start to this year's Live calendar. Glad to hear that everyone had such a good time!