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Swarming Up For The Season | THORPE PARK | 31st Mar 2019

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Well...what else are you gonna do on a Sunday in March?!

The first CF Live of 2019 sees us finally return to the UK's most thrilling island...Thorpe Park! Expect some classic B+M goodness, Derren Brown hilarity and a memorial service for Loggers Leap.

Firstly, I need to get a rough idea of numbers - so who's up for coming? Please let me know in this topic asap so I can begin to arrange a few CF Live perks ;) More info on the Meet Up time to follow.


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After years of lurking; my first live!

I'll be driving from the South Wales area should anyone need a lift eastbound on the M4 (i.e - Bristol, Chippenham, Swindon, Reading & Slough)

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Think I'll come, maybe do LEGOLAND on the Saturday (still need the ninjago ride!)

PS - I see Thorpe haven't put their 2019 hours up yet - I guess there's no chance of "doing a Griswald"?
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