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Suspended Coaster


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Wait...? It's pretty much your only option if you want to do one properly. I don't even know if they're going to be in NL2, but at the moment its a case of improvise with another invert model, or don't bother.

Sorry! :D
Wouldn't it be better to create a Vekoma Invert? Suspended Coasters are quite uncomfortable, and probably wouldn't get much feedback or interest.


^ I rather ride any suspended coaster than any SLC. They give a much nicer experience in my view. Atleast that was what Eagle Fortress did <3

If you really want to make suspended coasters then you can always try and get ''Scream Machines'' even thoug it's pretty rubbish...

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Just try for any of the existing inverted coasters in NL honestly. The arrow and vekoma suspended coasters were designed so that the car pretty much would swing directly under the track. Or, try RCT! Its fun making them on there because you dont have to bank the track at all, and you can design them the way arrow originally intended, like Bat was at Kings Island.