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Super Typhoon Meranti Batters Fantawild Xiamen


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This week Typhoon Meranti clipped the southern edge of Taiwan bringing winds over 180mph, But yesterday the weakening super typhoon barreled into the Chinese mainland striking the city of Xiamen.

The storm which has killed at least 10 has been classed as strongest in the world this year and the worst to hit Fujian province since records began.

Winds of 105mph battered the coast and Fantawild in Xiamen has released a set of pictures showing the damage caused to their Dreamworld park.

The park has been closed as the clear up begins but looking at these pictures it could be some time.
No word on the state of the rides especially their brand new and unopened M&V wooden coaster.

More on the storm here



Oh wow, that sucks, hope they can reopen and get back to business as soon as.

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Another typhoon is currently heading straight at the same area. Should hit Thursday morning. So annoying. They've both veered off from Hong Kong; they close the schools if they get close enough.