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Streets of Rage II trip reports


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Looks like we are first back.

We did everything, well not me personally but it was a great day and thanks to all that went, we laugh so much, funny how we always seem to have more fun in the smaller parks.
We started at the Helter Skelter end and worked our way to the middle, broke for lunch around 1 then did the rest of the park after, we all finally decided we were to knackered by 8.30pm and all went our own ways, mostly home.

Thanks for arranging the £10 entry.

You guys are the best!!

Photos to follow tomorrow when have had some sleep.


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Well after my rather last minute and unannounced decision to go I'm glad I did. Had an amazing day, the second half of the day was just constant hilarity. It was just one great moment after another, some excellent banter amongst the group and just an enjoyable day. I have something like 480 photos to shift through but once they are sorted and uploaded I will be writing up one of my usual epic reports. I will also upload the clips soon too.


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Great day guys! I'm shattered, and only left at 8.30 as I had a party to get to :p Thanks to all who organised, all who attend, all who put up with me and all of felt my tits - It was much appreciated.

I shall sift through my pics, Facebook them and then post a few of the best ones here along with a bit more detail of some of the highlights :)


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Got back to my parents last night at 10, totally wiped out! Great day with some great friends, nice to see everyone again =] I will get my video done once I am back from my holiday. Sort of decided what song I am going to use already.


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Hmm... Not wearing black... Smiling...

Who is this guy and what's he done with Will?


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Glad to see everyone had a good day, weather seemed to work out for you all as well. Really sucks that I couldn't go, I really miss everyone =[


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looks like a really fun day, i had a great day today there weather could have been a little better but not exactly the worst i've had. Look forward to trip reports.


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Trip report time!

Saturday 15th May

I awoke later than planned but managed to get out of the house on time and ended up getting a lift off the mother too (hurrah!). I got to the station with plenty of time to spare. I got on the train, 20 mins later I get off in London, walk for 5 mins and then I'm on the train to Southend. Lovely.

I spend the long train journey (about an hour) reading, listening to music and I think I even spent part of my travels asleep :p. Anyways I got to Southend quite early so I grabbed some breakfast at Costa to kill some time.

After food I wandered down to the sea front where Adventure Island resides. It wasn't open but from the top of the staircase I could see a big group near one of the entrances, I assumed they be CFers, I was quite right.

I was then greeted by lots of familiar faces who had no idea I was turning up :p - Always a fun game to play. 11am soon came and we entered the park heading straight to the meet up point outside the ticket booths. After about 10 mins there was still no sign of the rest of the group (Mark, Marc, Ian, Vadge and co.) but as soon as we thought that they arrived :D





Ian sorted out our £10 wristbands (thank you to whoever organised this) and we headed straight on to Mighty mini mega.


It was pretty meh as usual but it's so weird with it now being on top of an arcade building. As everyone noted though, going through the arcade as part of the exit was very Merlin :p

The next ride was Ramba Zamba, the spinning disk-o ride with its silly seatbelts of fail. These just seem boring now compared to their bigger counterparts, Kobra and the Edge.



Pharoh's Fury was the next ride. Yet another spinny ride, oh there are so many of these things at Southend. It also looked painful for some...





Well after some peeps did that most of us went on the Gold Mine thingy. A train of little spinny cars that go round a track, joy, more spinning :p




It was good fun, trying to spin each others cars as we went round. How the hell Cial fit into the car next to mine and Martyn's car I have no idea, what with Peter and Mushy also in the car. Good times.

Everyone was in a good mood (the Sun coming out helped) and some of the group opted for the helter skelter.





^Sue opted to come down the slide in a weird position

As it was next to us part of the group decided to go on the American Whip. It looks painful...








After that we milled around a little. In his moment of frustration at something that was said, Richard threw a polo on the floor and began to use it as chalk to draw lines on the floor.



He calmed down and we moved on to Sk8borda. Very similar to a disk-o but your sitting on a skateboard, clever eh?




It was good fun and Richard and Neal spent most of the ride shouting about how they loathe the music playing (Avril Lavigne's sk8ter boi).

Some of the group then decided to ride the Dragons Claw, they obviously were oblivious to the amount of pain that occurs when riding said ride.




They all came off saying how painful it was :p

We all then made our way over to Barnstormer, a little kids coaster. However no one really knows why it was called Barnstormer. It features no barns or storms. If you know why it's called this, let us know :p





Oh looky here, a POV with Will times on the second lap :p
(if you click the link there is a HD version)

Well that was fun. So we all gathered at the exit and moved on over to the Scorpion or whatever it's called. I stayed off this one too.



This is when lunch break was called. The majority of the group decided to head to McDonalds in the high street. It was fairly busy but we got served pretty quick. I love the Oasis on tap, I hope this spreads to more McDonalds. We all chatted for some time and laughed at Cial's facebook status about the female ride ops being 'omnomnom' :p

We all then made our way back to the park. Somehow the group got split quite a bit. Cial and I ended up doing Rage twice before going to the meeting point for the group. Some of the others also did Rage but due to a small queue we were never on the same car.




The group all met outside the go karts. It was that time of the day, the CF Grand Prix! It was good fun to watch, I think some took it way too seriously but hey, it was great entertainment. :D I filmed the first lot for Mushy but I took pics on the second go which had Cial, Ben, Neal and Leigh.





Well, the two races were over. Who was the winner?

In 3rd place was Sue!

In 2nd place was Cial!

But who was first?...


Mushroom was awarded the worst position with a lovely pair of tits :p



After all the fun of the Grand Prix we then had pin the tail and dong on the donkey!

It was good fun with Will winning some bubbles for getting the tail closest to where it was meant to go and Enigma Shadow won £10 for getting the dong the closest to where it was meant to go. Congrats! Here, have some lovely photos...












We then spent ages faffing in the area. Cial tries on Mushrooms boobs and Vadge runs after Richard for reasons I can't remember...



We then rode Rage, some then did Sky drop and then we moved on to the snake slides...




Vortex was the next ride of choice which looked very spinny, I avoided.

Some peeps then did the water slides, I filmed for Mushy so no pics. The next ride was Over the hill, a great indoor dark ride. Vadge wasn't looking forward to it as she hates scary rides. It's not that scary but the end scene is pretty epic.


So yeah, good fun was had on Over the hill. Some of us then rode Archleon (or whatever its called). Basically a waveswinger. Good fun, especially with all the twirling in the seats and smacking into one another. It was then decided that golf times would occur. Some chose 9 holes and some chose the 18 holes, this was going to take some time. Lots of us just sat on the bench/wall but Will decided to be different...


The banter was good fun and after what seemed like ages the first group finished who just ended up standing outside the park having a fag :p


So we still had to wait around ages for the other two groups to finish their little games of golf.


After all the golf was finished Richard decided to leave. The group decided for spinny dragon of doom for the next ride. It looked horrible. We then rode the last coaster of the park, Green Scream. It's such a silly coaster with it's ridiculously long train but good fun. However a certain Mr Ian picked my bag from the side as he went past and then as he came back into the station dropped it off right at the end of the station, thanks Ian :roll:

So after all that we then did the fantastic Pirate boat show thing. It's so terrible its good :p Gavin seemed to love it.

I can't remember how or why but we then ended back up at the yellow wall next to Rage. This is where silly times occurred. Vadge, Will and Mark became the parks new animatronics :p




(Like the other vid, you can view it in HD if you click the link)

The group then split again for another break. This time a group of us went to a nearby pub for alcohol. We had a good laugh and watched you've been framed.

We headed back down to the park to meet up with the rest of the group. We all met by the stage in front of Rage. We all did Rage and then had group photo times on the stage much to the annoyance of the peeps who were sitting there when we arrived lol.

I think some of the group did Rage again while the rest of us listened to the jolly 80s tunes and sang along etc.



Ian and Vadge decided to put a few CFer's names in place of the original lyrics to one of the songs...

More amusing times happened when we all sat on Neal's lap...





After this pic a few more of us joined in and peeps went all over the place after someone falling over or moving out of the way. We all had a good ol' laugh about it.

Vadge and Ian then decided to talk about Will's new look...
New shoes

Skinnier jeans

New shirt that isn't black

New haircut

Ian gives Will's new look a 7


Mark called for end of the day as it was getting quite late and we were all tired and well, we had ridden everything. We all said our goodbyes and most of the group walked off.

Enigma shadow, Martyn H, Peter, Cial and myself stayed for a bit. We rode the disk-o and sky drop again. Afterwards we split, Enigma shadow and I went to the station and got our trains home.

It was an awesome day and thanks to everyone for amusing me a lot, really glad I came in the end even if it was a very late decision.

For all 395 photos the two albums can be found on the following links:
Album 1
Album 2


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Did they give anyone the crazy "special" dingy on the slides? The one that sent me and Sam into the wall at the end at quite some velocity.


Goon of the Year
Martyn, they would not let us =[ me and Stone Cold were the heavyweights to do it, but they said no =[


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Mushroom said:
me and Stone Cold were the heavyweights to do it

I bet your parents are so proud.

I wouldn't be too upset, on mine and Sam's second go, I thought I'd broken my nose when we crashed.


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However no one really knows why it was called Barnstormer. It features no barns or storms. If you know why it's called this, let us know

Well... Barnstorming was a popular form of entertainment in the 1920s. Stunt pilots would perform tricks with planes, including spins, dives, loops and barrel rolls.. Barnstormer is themed to a plane, so there you go.

The original plans apparently had the station themed as a barn with animatronic chickens that would fly out as the train went through. Would have been good, don't know why it didn't happen, the park probably didn't want to pay for it, I guess.


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There were Green Scream "times" but no peep photo "times". I think peep was too busy having retrieve-bag-from-other-end-of-the-station "times" to have photo "times". If I hadn't had berk "times", then you possibly would be having Green Scream photo "times".

I've been pretty snowed under at work today (makes a change!) and had to create a new PC account this afternoon so not had a proper chance to sit and write a full report...will do Wednesday evening!

Must say though, I had a brilliant day out "times"! Thanks to all attendees!


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jealous much! peeps report was awesome and I am sad I missed it and wish I'd been able to make the saturday instead of the sunday :) and martyn b, that girl is fairly hot. lol.

As for barnstormer, sounds quite interested, thats how much of an enthusiastic coaster geek i am im afraid :p

Martyn B

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Ian said:
There were Green Scream "times" but no peep photo "times". I think peep was too busy having retrieve-bag-from-other-end-of-the-station "times" to have photo "times". If I hadn't had berk "times", then you possibly would be having Green Scream photo "times".

LOL! That is the first time I have ever used that 'times' expression, and if its going to get reactions like that, it will be last times I tell ya!