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Speed Of Colossus at Thorpe park



I always thought that it did 45 mph but i went there and i bought the photo and it says that it does 82kmph and thats about 50mph and watching the ride it does look faster than 45mph so does anybody know exactly how fast it is?

yh it is faster at the end of the day soz for not sayin but it still looks faster than 45 in the morning.

btw i didnt find it tht rough.


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All depends what time of the day you ride it, what train you get, where you sit, how heavy the train is, is it sunny has it rained etc :)


jokerman said:
It's too slow, no matter what the figures are. It crawls around the track and is dreadful.
I wouldn't want it any faster with that many inversions that often tend to hurt one's head :lol:


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Or not be so stuck up about rides. Ride them for what they are, not "is it as good as my no.1 which is something predictable"


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^That seems to sum up most of the site. Same thing goes for Vekomas and Arrows: Expect a bumpy ride. But ffs, it's a bloody Intamin. It can't be rough. Square wheels I can see. Occasional bumps I can see. I can't see the ride being rough though.
Seemed alot bloody faster last time I went on it, then the time before, bro said so too, but they were both hot days, so prehaps it was to do with the heat :?


rollerdude said:
But ffs, it's a bloody Intamin. It can't be rough. Square wheels I can see. Occasional bumps I can see. I can't see the ride being rough though.
This is something only someone who HASN'T ridden it would say! :lol:

Seriously though, it is rough, but that's what gives it character!

Like Marc said, what speed the ride does, as with any coaster, depends on the situation and the condition.

A good comparison would be my geeky experiments at Paultons Park in April...

I rode Cobra first thing in the morning, and timed from the release of the lift hill to the hit of the brakes, and I got 1 minute something. I did the same thing at the end of the day and found that we made it round the track in 56 seconds.

The distance travelled has not changed, therefore the speed must have increased to yield this difference in time.

The weather and weight of the car was the same in both instances, therefore we can only draw one conclusion, the ride runs faster over time during a day.

So, you won't be able to ever get an exact speed, you might be able to gleam a "top recorded speed" but even that would take some experimentation to reach!

Yes it's rough, but not as rough as people make out, people make it out to be a torture device or something, that's the thing that gets me, I see it as whimpery personally.


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Furius Baco and The Ultimate defines rough for me. Baco bad kind of rough and Ultimate amazing kind of rough.


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I never had a go at the roughness. I don't even have a real problem with the core speed. It's the pacing that annoys me, the way it crawls around that long left hand bend after the corkscrews that bugs me.


^ Ride it in the rain.

Ask anyone who was at Ghosterforce III how bloomin fast it rattled through those twists!


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I've ridden it in the rain many times. It's to do with the speed on certain parts relative to the speed of the rest of the ride. It just has nothing at the end compared to the beginning.


I've ridden it loads of times and don't find it highly uncomfortable liek several of you seem to.

At the risk of sounding terse, you all just seem to be a bunch of pussies.


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It ain't even rough... feels like its on sandpaper in places, yes. But it isn't rough...

El Patricko

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collossus isn't an ordeal to endure, but in terms of what makes a ride expirience good roughness doesn't attribute to the "fun" side of riding (i mean headbanging etc). I find collossus somewhat like an amish disco, rather boring, but this is only my opinion. I agree with jokerman that the ride is poorly paced, having ridden in most weather and times i find it goes rather numb after the cobra roll. it seems to desperately make the most of the potential energy by subjecting you to a series of predictable heartline rolls which fail to deliver much more than a pretty view down the center which has become the marketing "ace" for collossus which fair play to them it has worked and its an still unbelieveably popular ride. I just don't like it at all...

the stats posted on some websites are more often wrong than not (bar rcdb)
i was always under the impression that the mean speed is 48mph.