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Space Mountatin WDW - Multiple Trains on Lift Hill


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I happened to mulling through YouTube today and stumbled across yet another POV of Space Mountain with the lights on. However, something caught my eye. While the train is on the lift hill, you can see the train in font of it has not yet cleared the lift block.
Does anyone know if and why this is standard operating procedure for Space Mountain? Do any other coasters operate like this?



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I mean, I know the lift is traditionally its own block, but I've never really understood why you can't have multiple trains on the lift hill. Unless you don't truly trust the anti-rollbacks, in which case the whole thing becomes moot because you shouldn't let a single train on the lift...

You don't let the second train enter the lift block until the first train has been proven to be halfway up the lift (for example), and then you don't let the second train leave the crest of the lift until the first train has been proven to have cleared the next block.

Good question. I'd like to hear someone explain this properly (not an armchair engineer ;) ).


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Now there's a face (user) I haven't seen in a while!

I think it's an interesting question, although I don't have anything to say on it that Hixee hasn't said already. But nice to see you around, @F.A.S.T.!


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Zamp/Reverchon spin mice definitely can operate with multiple cars on the lift hill.
And for Space Mountain, that is standard procedure.

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