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Southport Pleasureland future


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Hey new member here. Southport Pleasureland was my local for years and has special memories in my childhood. Now Norman Wallis has been granted a long term lease (said to be 99 years!) what do you think will come in the coming years. In the article for Liverpool echo it does say about him lending money for future investments, plus a investment in a dinosaur park. so what do you think we could expect in the next 20 years from this up and coming park?


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Looking at the park on RCDB, I could see it getting another fifth-hand Pinfari coaster, maybe a Reverchon spinner, perhaps one of those travelling log flumes as a semi-permanent installation. That ought to cover the next 20 years and then some. It doesn't appear to be a place for great expectations, to be honest.


I was in Southport nearly every day for two weeks over summer and while the Railway is looking nice there wasn't much sign of any investment in rides at Pleasureland itself. In fact, barely any of them were operating and I only saw the log flume running once. But there are new fences and paths, so that's nice.


Cheap flights have really killed off small resorts like Southport.
From my own memory...heaving in the summer in the sixties, still busy in the seventies and eighties, quiet in the nineties, very quiet most days around the millennium, even with a big new SLC.
Wish I could think of a reason why it might bounce back, but I can't think of a single one sadly.


When Norman Wallis took over in 2007 there was supposed to be £100M investment, there was some meaningful talk of rebuilding Cyclone, and of course the Knightmare link a few years later, none of which has come to anything. My expectations are low!

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My very vague understanding is that investment was limited to temporary rides because of the land lease issue. Perhaps we’ll see a little more in the form of long term attractions now the lease appears to have always been resolved.


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Doh, I hope it's not the Gullivers ride that's been relocated, as I already have that cred. I need to go back at some point for that dodgy Pinfari looper, and really can't justify travelling all that way to that dump just for a measly +1.

Should I hand in my goon card now?


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Definitely looks like Crazy Train too me going by the square style supports. Spinning Racer is the also other possibility going by Reddit but that is more dark blue track and this track looks to be more purple.