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It appears to have quite a high lift hill given the relatively low level of the rest of the layout, which it somehow manages to take with not an awful lot of speed.


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RES has announced a Double Roller Ball with 3 different models







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I know I did this in RCT 3 at some point with the “dizzy dropper” coaster 😁

Looking through the web site they also a water coaster I don’t remember seeing that before, is that new to?


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What did we figure out was the reason for the vertical track next to the lift hill on some of these?

EDIT:- Appears to be for an evac/maintenance lift? Just not sure why it's only on that particular layout.


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Phantasialand have filed a new trademark for a food outlet named "Törtchen & Co." (Cakes & Co.). Almost certainly for a new cafe in the Berlin area; replacing Heino's Kaffehaus next to the double decker carousel which has been removed and the unit refurbished in the off season.

Phantasialand do not yet have a reopening date for 2021 but "Törtchen & Co." will most likely open with the park. Rookburgh, F.L.Y. & Hotel Charles Lindbergh also still have their official opening planned for this year.



Source: Phantasialand - the cakes previously sold in the cafe.

With the extended off season the park have taken the opportunity to repaint/refurbish the exteriors of Hotel Matamba and Hotel Ling Bao.

Source: Ride Xpert
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Two dozen rider SkyCoaster? Sure, why not?!


US Thrill Rides announced the SkyScreamer:

Skyscreamer amplifies the thrills by seating 6-24 riders side-by-side on a circular platform before raising them off the ground and then building the tension by reeling them hundreds of feet in the air. After a few moments of anticipation, the ripcord releases and sends patrons into a momentary free fall before the swing motion catches them and sends them soaring over the enthralled onlookers. A patented pendulum damper then gently and effectively reduces the swing arc, bringing the breathless riders to a stop before lowering them to earth...

Hope no one thinks this needs it's own thread. :p


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Due to the increasing uncertainty surrounding large events it seems that a number of businesses are working on a plan to "move" Oktoberfest to Dubai for this year. Yes, Dubai.

More information can be found here:

and here:

Whilst I suppose it depends on your definition of what is considered "official" it seems like they're flying in loads of authentic exhibitors who would usually be found at the Munich event. It is rumoured that lots of German showman have already agreed to take part so we could see a lot of rides heading out there. I have seen mentions of Alpina Bahn on various German fan pages. The UAE alcohol ban is said to not be in force at the event.

Oh and it's meant to run for 6 months.


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How curious. Something about a bit stein in the sand makes me laugh for some reason. :p
The UAE alcohol ban is said to not be in force at the event.
To be fair, this would make it the same as basically every bar, hotel and restaurant. The UAE alcohol ban isn't really much of a thing outside truly 'public' areas. A closed off, ticketed event like this though, probably reasonably standard these days.

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It would appear that Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park has received some more alterations; it reopened today, and some things have apparently changed:
While the VR segments are still very much the same, the storyline is now completely different, being centred around “Minds Wanted Incorporated” (this would appear to hark back to the 2015 teaser campaign, which was centred around “MindsWanted”). I don’t know an awful lot more than that, but the staff have apparently been given new themed uniforms.

I wonder whether this has finally “fixed” the ride so to speak, and made it the critically acclaimed dark ride Thorpe hoped it would be?