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Skyline Park | Unknown | Maurer Spike Test Bed | Not open for guests


Giga Poster
Possibly jumping the gun a bit creating a thread for this, but...

There's a plot of land at Skyline Park that's been cleared, with track that looks suspiciously like Maurer Spike track on it. As I'm sure most-everyone knows, the park have a Spike coaster which has been plagued with problems, permanently closed at one point, and then reopened. And the park seem to have a certainly liking for Maurer.

So are we seeing a new model? A like-for-like replacement? Or are the park just getting another one for the fun of it?


Mountain monkey
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If I'm interpreting that correctly, Maurer might have paid the park to build the coaster, and they still won't be opening it for guests. Of course there are nuances and other details, but taken a certain way, this has to be a new low.