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Skyline Park remove Sky Dragster after 3 years


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Skyline Park in Germany have announced they are taking a break from investing in "spectacular new attractions" (have they ever done this?) in 2018 and 2019, and in 2020 a new large 10 million euro attraction will open. The new attraction they say will attract many visitors to the park, and will be unparalleled elsewhere in Germany and Europe. Work is expected to start next spring as construction will take 1 1/2 years. It will be delivered in 150 containers.
The park owner said the word 'rollercoaster' is inadequate to describe this new rail-based attraction.

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I don't know if Skyline Park is bad or not, but this "New Ride" (we'll call it that if they think rollercoaster is a bad word for it) sounds like a new ride concept?

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In the competition of how many lorries/containers it will take to deliver the ride Skyline are beating Blackpool by 50%. This means either the ride is 50% larger than Icon or they are using very different lorries/container metrics therefore proving nothing. :)

But considering Icon cost 18m Euro and this is only 10m Euro. I guess It's big and cheap. Leads me to one conclusion. Golden Horse tilt coaster.


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Based off of their last investments, I won't be getting excited.

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Sorry to bump this thread, but maybe this is Maurer's attempt at surpassing 400ft that they talked about while Red Force was being built. Wouldn't surprise me, as Skyline Park seem to love Maurer!


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So far, investors and operators for the planned hotel in Skyline Park are missing

Park manager Joachim Löwenthal confirmed on request of the Mindelheimer Zeitung: "The hotel was always planned under the condition of an investor and operator. Although some serious discussions have been held here, there has not yet been an agreement. It is currently not foreseeable until when this project will be implemented".

The same applies to the simultaneously announced large-scale new ride. According to Löwenthal, "there is a very spectacular ride planned", but: "In addition to the costs, further maintenance is a major hurdle." His company had already experienced this with the "Dragster" system, which has very high maintenance costs.


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Have been toying with the idea of visiting here this year. Obviously this not being open is hardly a deal breaker, but I'd have loved to opportunity to get the cred (if it ended up being open in the first place of course) and to try such a random ride.


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It seems that this model is plagued with problems: this and Mirabilandia's Desmo Race fiasco are proof of this. Let's hope that the coaster on the cruiseship runs successfuly, otherwise the future for Maurer Söhne, in terms of rides, doesn't look too bright right now.


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I should imagine there are some carefully worded reassuring emails being sent from Maurer to Carnival Cruise Line right now.

Much like the SFX coaster(s), it amazes me that they've been able to sell more than one of these given the condition of the prototype...