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Six Flags to acquire SeaWorld?

Matt N

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Hi guys. Sorry if this already has a thread, but Themed Reality on Facebook has stated that Six Flags may potentially be in talks to buy SeaWorld. They are apparently a very reliable source. Here's what Behind The Thrills had to say on the matter: https://behindthethrills.com/2018/1...ceRGrom7uTnW6azcMVhjZHHT2eL4GlV2uIbeGUEYR6fd4
If this comes true, then I personally think it's a very interesting decision from both sides. I must admit that I will be a little surprised if Six Flags wants to undertake a huge project like this, but they must be confident in their financial position and they must know what they're doing! In terms of SeaWorld, I thought they were on the up, so I'm surprised that they'd want to sell at this point in time!

We'll have to see what happens with this... what do you guys think?

Bathtub Gin

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I love these parks and would rather see them burned to the ground right in front of me than let Six Flags (or Merlin, which was the prospective buyer in an earlier version of this soul-sucking rumor) diddle them.
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