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Six Flags New England Commercial

Hey guys, I work as a male model. I get cast as an extra in commercials and I get featured in stills for local companies, however recently I was cast in a commercial for Six Flags New England.
Just yesterday at SFNE our train was sent around 7 full times without loading or unloading for photographic purposes by park press.

Keep an eye out for the commercial in a few months!

Just finished the photo shoot.
For the day we had consecutive rides as following
Bizarro - 7
Batman - 11
Cyclone - 16
Cannonball Falls - 27
Gauntlet - 14 (That ride sucked)
Wave Pool - 45 minutes

the park closed each ride we went on (With the exception of Bizarro and Cyclone where instead they ran one GP train and one VIP Train for models)

there is 50 hours of footage to review and edit before the commercials are made.
We are also being used in Employee Training Videos and advertisements for six flags in general across the US. I will most likely be featured on Cannonball Falls and Cyclone. Ill post tearsheet shots once everything is sorted out (and after i collect my paycheck)