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Six Flags Magic Mountain - Can you be too tall to ride the coasters there?


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so we are planning on visiting Magic Mountain in October and my friend is rather tall (6"8) and we already asked the park whether they have any restrictions as to how tall you can be to ride the coasters. They said that they don't have any restrictions but you have to fit in the coasters and it might be a tight squeeze. I wanted to know if any of you had any experiences in that regard or know if he is just too tall to get the safety restraints over his shoulders or the leg restraints in the other coasters.



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There are times when I’ve seen people who could not get restraints to work because of circumference, not height, but some rides will definitely be a bit of a squeeze. If he’s not chubby as well, it should not be that bad.


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Yes. OTSR's can be killer and they have a number of rides there where you can't be over 80in tall. Best of luck to him.


I saw a guy who was well over 7'3'' ( I felt tiny near him and I'm 6'3'') and he managed to get on Twisted Colossus somehow. He folded up like an accordion.

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