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Six Flags Great Adventure will not give back memberships, how can I help?


Roller Poster
So throughout the year, my mom was trying to cancel my dad and grandma's memberships so she and I would be the only ones to pay for. They cancelled all of our memberships last month. Recently, they have tried to give us a gold membership instead of diamond elite. We had diamond elite since the beginning of the 2020 season. It has been a hassle to try to contact them, and we are running out of ideas. I'm going to Six Flags New England this October, and without my membership I'm screwed; I like being special. I mean, we could always try to get new ones, but I can see that being hard to get too. We do not have a lawyer, we are poor- that's our last resort decision, anyway. Mom is losing hope and I need to find a way to get our memberships back, quick.

Sorry this post seems so sad and needy, it pains me to see my mom so livid towards people who have offered us diamond elite for the price of a diamond only to lose it in the next year, even when constantly paying for every month. I will be thankful for any help or advice.