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Six Flags America | Steam Town Area | 2024


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I've read from some Reddit comments with inside sources that Mind Eraser will never operate at SFA again. Grain of salt of course but might pour some water on that fire.
So as it turns out this may be hooey.
Six Flags America is providing public notice today as it announces the "sale of Coyote Creek and the creation of a transformed realm called Steam Town: Where the Past Meets the Future. Upon entering SteamTown, guests will be greeted by a brand-new signature attraction for the whole family, SteamWhirler. Three fan-favorite attractions will be renamed, reimagined, restored, re-themed and enhanced. New colors, features and effects will adorn the area with the vivid new charm of storytelling. The return of the award-winning Six Flags America stunt show will follow along the new steampunk theme and be home to the area's mysterious new "investor*. Plus, all-new SteamTown food, beverage and retail options will introduce new tastes, treats and sweets.

"SteamTown is an important step in our major, multi-year investment in guest experience and park improvement," said Six Flags America General Manager Ramar Vaughan. "We are excited for all of the new experiences and enhancements that SteamTown will provide and look forward to sharing more details ahead of the official realm opening next summer."

What Guests Can Expect:
  • A whole new story that will weave through various aspects of the area
    SteamWhirler - New signature family attraction with four rotating arms that are synchronized by a central gearing system, which provide guests a pop of airtime each revolution
  • Three re-imagined attractions:
    Suspended coaster (formerly Mind Eraser) with new trains, enhanced operating system and a completely refreshed look;
    River rapids ride (formerly Renegade Rapids) with new theming, features and surprises;
    And, an overhaul of bumper cars (formerly Coyote Creek Crazy Cars)
    The return of the wildly popular stunt show, with story-driven, high-flying excitement for the whole family
    A new quick-service dining experience and reopening of large, air-conditioned eatery
    Themed retail experience with SteamTown inspired merchandise
MIND ERASER lives!!!
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Lori Marie Loud

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OK so Whistlestop Park (the other area that has been closed since 2022) was sorta left in the dust. From May:

Then, on September 24th, a Q&A was held. In that Q&A, it was officially confirmed that Whistlestop Park is now permanently closed. Ride relocation and redevelopment of the area are on the table but the area as it was is now history. Reading between the lines it appears to be, in the user's words, "either reducing staffing and operating costs or infrastructure neglect related".

Watch this space


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As per WhiteWater West's presentation at IAAPA, the park's new RipQurl Blaster master blaster is now set up. Six Flags originally "intended" for it to open this season, but purchasing, fabricating, and constructing a brand new waterslide within 6 months is no realistic timeline unfortunately.

Also, it is tiny, presumably because it's a clone of an attraction designed to be located entirely indoors;
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Wow, I didn't know it was that small


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Been awhile since we’ve heard about this one but eh.

Vekoma has shipped what appears to be the first new train for Mind Eraser. Nine pieces means 8 cars (16 passengers) and a zero car, which is how the coaster originally ran in 1995.

Dan Nguyen

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I think that's the name for the Zamperla Nebula they're adding. I don't think the park ever announced a name change for Mind Eraser.


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^From the top of this thread, "SteamWhirler" is the name of the Nebulaz; and the (presumably) media announcement kit says: "Suspended coaster (formerly Mind Eraser) with new trains, enhanced operating system and a completely refreshed look." Seems like they hadn't named it at time of announcement, but might have one now.

Not sure just how 'refreshed' the look is gonna be, but new trains are welcome.