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Six Flags 2012


September 1, 2011, 3:30 a.m.

Six Flags unveiled its 2012 lineup of new roller coasters, thrill rides, water slides and live shows at the amusement park chain's 12 North American locations.

New Six Flags President and Chief Executive Jim Reid-Anderson said a full slate of new additions would become an annual event, promising to add a new attraction at "every Six Flags park every year."

Six Flags' 2012 attractions include two new roller coasters, two relocated coasters, three tower rides, three water slide complexes and at least one show.

Among the highlights:

Six Flags Great America (outside Chicago) – Billed as the only wing coaster in the United States, X-Flight by Bolliger & Mabillard will feature barrel rolls and high-speed drops with seats that straddle the 3,000-foot-long track.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Northern California) – The Superman: Ultimate Flight launch coaster will rocket riders at 60 miles per hour through a towering 150-foot-high inversion and a pair of vertical twists.

Six Flags Magic Mountain (Southern California) – The Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom drop tower will be attached to both sides of the park's 415-foot-tall Superman: Escape from Krypton coaster tower. The new thrill ride will rank as the world’s tallest (400 feet) and fastest (85 mph) drop tower.

Six Flags Great Adventure (New Jersey) and Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio) – Both parks will install Sky Screamer swing towers for 2012. Six Flags built Sky Screamers of varying heights at Six Flags St. Louis (236 feet) and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (150 feet) in 2011. No word yet on the ride heights at Great Adventure and Fiesta Texas.

Six Flags America (outside Washington D.C.) – The 100-foot-tall Apocalypse stand-up coaster will travel at 55 mph through a loop and a corkscrew along a 2,900-foot-long track. The 1990 Bolliger & Mabillard coaster, formerly known as Iron Wolf, will be relocated from Six Flags Great America near Chicago.

Six Flags New England (Massachusetts) – The 192-foot-tall Goliath inverted boomerang coaster will travel forward and backward at 65 mph through a cobra roll and a loop along a 1,200-foot-long track. The 2001 Vekoma coaster, formerly known as Deja Vu, will be relocated from Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles.

Six Flags St. Louis (Missouri) and Six Flags Great Adventure (New Jersey) – Both parks will add a Bonzai Pipeline looping water slide to their respective Hurricane Harbor water parks.

Great Escape (New York) – The Nordic-themed Alpine Freefalls water slide complex will be added to the Great Escape's Splashwater Kingdom water park.

Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta) – A 45th anniversary tribute show will join the park's entertainment lineup.

Six Flags Over Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth), Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio), Six Flags Mexico (Mexico City) and La Ronde (Montreal) – Each of the parks will add a still-undisclosed ride, attraction or show in 2012.


Where did you get all this info from?!?!
I dont get the addition to SFDK.
Isnt that description talking about Vertical velocity? or are they changing the ride a bit?

can you post the link to where you got all this information?


Omgsh that ride at Discovery Kingdom looks totally OMFG!
And the drop ride!!! OMGSH its gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
What the actual Hell is that SFDK ride...?

And AWESOME for SFMM's new Drop Tower. What a wicked idea! OMG, I need to go back <//3


Social Media Team
Staff member
Social Media Team
Yeah. I do hope that the Superman Drop Tower happens. It is possible, just look at the one in Gold Coast!

Yeah as for SFDK, I personally don't trust that idea. It looks like someone mistaken the first inversion for a normal Skyloop!

Martyn B

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I dont know how popular the SFDK is, but what a surprise to yet another MS coaster with piss poor capacity. Looks proper mental though.


The SFDK coaster is made by Premier, but ya the capacity will suck but it looks insane! Awesome news about Great Americas B&M though, it's been a while since Six Flags got a new B&M and it looks awesome!


I can't believe Premier is making that and it's a launch. That's ******* crazy if you ask me. It's about time we see more Premier rides. They're quite interesting to say the least.

Like everyone else is saying, that drop tower will be a beast. I haven't been out to California yet, but that sure is giving me an extra incentive.

And the other thing I care about: X-flight. Solid looking layout and I can't wait to see it built.


There is so much to be happy with Six Flags in 2012. Im really really pleased with the management!
We've got 2 Skyscreamers, 2 of the bonzai pipelines, some new shows and more kiddie rides, the freakin huge drop tower, the omfg premier ride thing, and the awesome b&M wing rider!!
Theres something for everyone in 2012! I love it! Im loving six flags!


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I was hoping for Windseekers and dinosaur walkthroughs at every park.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
THAT's Premier?

Oh, just when I thought it might be good as well... :(

And LOL at SFA getting what's meant to be the worst B&M ever (and if it's anything like the one at CGA, it is)


I had a look at that earlier and it seems like Giant Drop is 390 ft tall where as this one is 400 ft so yes it's taller. Seems about right since the tower is taller on the SFMM one...

Posting on the go...


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alexr said:
The Superman Coaster will look like this at SFDK
Looks like something that I built in RCT1 about three minutes into the game. None of the peeps would ride cuz the G's were off the chart.