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Who thinks that the single rider system works better on rides of a higher capacity like Nemesis where empty seats are more likely, as opposed to lower capacity such as Rita where all the seats are almost entirely filled by the main queue.


Speaking from personal experience;

Coasters that require riders to sit in fours (whether it's four across or four to a car) always have fast single rider queues.

But coasters that require riders to sit in pairs have shockingly long single rider queues.


I think that single rider is most effective on high capacity rides. It can be a major factor in 'queue swallowing' and provide relatively quick access to a ride - remembers Air last year which was heavily queued whilst single rider was walk on.


They are a good idea yes. I personally have never used one in my life and probably never will again. They just arent my cup of tea.

They do work well on Inferno, Nemesis, Air and basically any ride like kir said that is 4 across. Ritas Ive not seen for my own eyes but suspect its probably diar from what ive heard. Colossus kind of works well with it.

It also depends on the ride operators. Some rides constantly put a few single riders on ... others leave empty seats and send the ride on its way...

But yeah I voted yes.


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^That's my point too Hales. A lot of its effectiveness depends on the ops and whether they're actually filling the empty seats. The only two i've really used are Inferno's and Colossus', and i've seen trains leaving the station on Colossus with empty seats and 15 people in the SRQ, whereas on Inferno, they seem to get more people through it. Quite why I don't know (other than Op efficiency) because theoretically, there should still be as many empty seats, be it 4-across or 2-across seating.


They seem to work well on high capicity rides, and B&M's. Hulk's was pretty quick when I visited in 2004, so is NI's. I never seem to use them, unless I want to ride something what others dont agree on, like Det. Dragon Fury's used to be a sucess, as people used to go in 3's most of the time.