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Delayed to 2022

It does say under special features at the side "Goes Upside Down" so I am thinking modifications to have a loop


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At some point, the lack of logic loops around to make sense again. If 2021 will be another year of reduced operating capacity, they won't get as much mileage out of opening a new major attraction. They might instead get more bang for their bucks by delaying it to 2022.

Besides, if Aquaman opens in 2022, it removes the need for another attraction in 2022. Maybe 2023 as well, if Aquaman is considered major enough to be a headliner two years in a row. By a stroke of a pen, they've made it so their 2020 addition removes the need for an investment until 2024. At this point the flaws of the plan should become apparent, but if you only think in terms of Excel spreadsheets, it looks like a ton of money is being saved.

If you delay the addition of another attraction to next year, you won't have to build a new attraction that year as well as this year. And if you delay it another year, you won't need another attraction that year either! Kicking the can far enough down the road could, in fact, eliminate the need for investment at all! This is commonly known as the Parques Reunidos model.

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Delayed to 2022

Well. I think we already have a good response to this

Have. A. Six. Flags. Day.