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SFDK | Sidewinder Safari | Zamperla Wild Mouse | 2022


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The construction tour happened today, lots of photos/information out courtesy of Coaster101 on Twitter. Now I'm going to post far more photos/coverage than any twice-delayed wild mouse deserves;
Snek. 🐍
Now for the interesting stuff. The station exterior will be themed and they presented models of what the queue statues will look like. Not bad at all, compared to what could be.
Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 7.59.48 PM.png
There will be speakers on parts of the ride and the entire coaster will be very well lit by floodlights.


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Apparently passholder previews on 5/27 and they were hunting around on social media for folks to ride for an add shoot that week too. Not a ton of info around for either. Son wants to go that weekend so we'll let you know how spinney and mousy it is.


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When they say “combination family coaster and animal experience,” what exactly does that mean? Is it just snake themed? Do you ride through a reptile house? Do you have to charm an actual snake in your spinning carriage?

Guess I’m a little confused

Matt N

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For a smaller coaster addition, I’ve got to say this looks very nicely themed and presented; good job, Six Flags!


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I got some temporarily rare points on Coaster dash count and preemptively had been looking forward for a while to give some insight given its my only new for 2022 ride.

It's a below average brand new spinner. Ride experience was what anyone with a hint of a clue would expect. Everyday could well be different but here is a snippet:

#1 Started testing at opening and ran for an apparent absurd amount of time. Maintenance guy rode it, went away for 15 mins, came back to ride again and then it opened shortly after. During which a supervisor was briefly passively rude to a ride op.

#2 It often came to an abrupt block brake stop near the end. Not seen that before. Thought it was just in testing but on ride was sudden and didn't help or hinder. Just odd.

#3 At rope drop all the hoards ran to (a closed) Medusa (It opened after all the school kids left, what a blessing). A local park fan was ahead of us grinning that everyone went the other way and to "...see what this is all about". "Tony Hawk was better" he said. I suspect never a truer word was said.

#4 In its own cul-de-sac with the boomerang and didn't need to return.

#5 Asides from the trainless Flash impulse, was the best painted coaster in the park. It does look nice. (With all the parks/rides repainting for the return of guests, anything under the California sun needs it all the more.)

Worth a visit for the park as a whole, glad I finally got there. Best parts were Superman and the ferry that gets you there from San Francisco.


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