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I've been majorly stuck in a rut recently with design, trying to follow the real life coaster trends of big dueling mack coasters, multi launches, RMCs, B&M family/surf coasters. But it all lead me to hit a wall and loose interest. I realised I needed to just take a step back and find inspiration in coasters I love the look of.

I found myself looking at Superman at SFFT and Hair Raiser, I loved the way they used a cliff edge and some interesting terrain, yet still managed to create a layout that stood on its own (sometimes terrain coasters can feel a little messy). I started with a dive off the cliff and a layout that gradually slopes down with the terrain before making a return trip. It had its challenges and tested some of my FVD knowledge. The hardest part was keeping up the pacing on the return trip as the station is relatively high compared to the lowest point.

Anyway this is the result! I decided to reuse a theme I've had on the shelf that I was going to use on an RMC, based on the Celtic Selkie legend. a Scottish/Irish type of mermaid that takes the appearance of a seal in the water. This has given me an excuse to really play with the terrain and natural elements, which I really love doing with coasters. And it's really coming together into a nice little project to tackle my creative block.





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Selkie by Richard Lerwill

Selkie is a Celtic Mermaid that takes the form of a seal in the water and a beautiful woman on land. If their seal skin is stolen they cannot return to the water and forever stuck on the shore. Take a ride with the Selkie as it finds it's skin and returns to the waves.

Design -
Based on terrain B&M floorless coasters such as Superman at SFFT and Hair Raiser at Ocean Park, I wanted a coaster that uses various levels to play around the terrain. At first ride you might not notice some of the elevation changes, but it was a real challenge to keep up the pacing as it returns up the final slope.

Anticipation Turn
First Drop
Vertical Loop
Dive Loop
Bunny Hop
Zero-G Roll
Final Brakes

Skirl of War - Jody Jenkins




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The track is such an eye-catching white. And the trains have the perfect compliment of colors to the track. I could look at this all day