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Seaworld San Diego | Tidal Twister | Skyline Skywarp Horizon


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My god, I hate literally everything about this. The ride looks ****. The landscaping is ****. The actual experience looks ****.
And that video of the two blokes on it... I don't think I've cringed so much in a long while. The guy on the left is trying so hard to make it sound more exciting than what it is... A loud, steamy turd.

Favourite line of the video has to be the guy shouting "It's smooth!" whilst it's clear they're being violently shaken during the entire ride. Iconic.


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I'm not sure what's more laughable... The coaster itself, or the fact somebody at Fox uploaded a two sentence long "article" to the website.


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Surprised that no one's posted a review of this yet. I actually got to ride this yesterday... twice in fact.

Since I have ridden Harley Quinn in SFDK (Skywarp), I did have a basis of comparison. For the record, I rode Harely Quinn at the far end, and found one loop not too bad, and the other loop awful. That may have been a reflection of my seat, but the awful loop was awful enough that I don't need to ride it again.

Obviously, my expectations were pretty low for this. And maybe because of that, I actually didn't find it terrible. Yes, it definitely has a chug from every time the tire drive hits a gap in the blades. But, at least for me, that chug did not result in head banging, so it was tolerable (I suppose YMMV). And once it gets up to full speed, it there is a decent pop of air over the top, and a very "Bayern Kurve" feel going around (which I greatly enjoyed).

Yes, the restraints are awful. Very bulky, to the point where some guests couldn't reach the redundant seat belt clip. And if you're in the seats that face each other, there's very little leg room, as the seats are very close together. It's certainly not going to break anyone's Top 10 list. But between this and the Skywarp at SFDK, I'd pick this hands down.

While coaster enthusiasts will probably not find it great, it should be noted the GP did seem to enjoy it. I've ridden worse.
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What a complete pile of trash. Why does this exist?

Because it’s a cheap addition for a park that doesn’t have many rides in a chain that is having to add rides almost yearly as they try to completely rebrand?

I mean, I’ve lived in San Diego my whole life and it’s literally just this last year that I’ve started to think of Sea World as an amusement park rather than a zoo, essentially. I imagine the general public are starting to see it the same way based on these headlines about yearly additions. Whether or not this is a “good” coaster or the ideal addition for enthusiasts isn’t a question that most people will ever care about.


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^Yes, because clearly no other ride or coaster manufacturer in the world has ever had a problem with a ride where people had to be evacuated. ?

I mean, really, that "news" is such a non-event. Ride breaks down, safety equipement works exactly like it's supposed to, people safely taken off. Big whoop.