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SeaWorld San Diego | Emperor | B&M Dive Coaster


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OK, now that looks better than the one in the fan animation from the looks of things. There doesn't seem to be anything in the way of airtime though.


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The bunny hill on Griffon was pretty good though, and I liked Valravn's hill although that was a little weaker.

I'm not too excited by the layout of this, just seems like too familiar territory. First drop and immelmann are always solid stuff but the rest ride seems okay. Also is it me or does that hammerhead turn after the immelmann seem oddly shaped?


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That cutback/turnaround thing could be pretty cool. Will certainly look rather good!
A couple of the park's renderings showing the coaster layout

and what it will look like on the skyline of the surrounding area.
All Right so I am actually in San Diego right now for my dad's business event, and if that is true let me say it will stand out a lot. On approach from the plane you can see how massive electric eel. So saying this will not be an attention grabber to the public would be a slight understatement. Also not to mention the fact that the park is only about 10-15 miles from downtown, so if the set it up right, You would be able to see Downtown San Diego from the top when you are turning around! Also stay tuned to the trip report to Seaworld...


Nice cropping of Yukon Striker there, B&M ;)

I always end up disappointed when I get to see how "little" of the drop is actually vertical. Guess that's what growing up with Oblivion does to you. Nonetheless, should be a great addition that will really put SW San Diego on the theme park map.