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Scariest ride/coaster you've ridden


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Happy Halloween! We know that measuring rides and coasters on their 'scariness' is such a disgustingly general public thing to do, we talk about airtime and intensity- if your finding all your coasters nerve wracking and scary than enthusiasm probably isn't for you!

However, I'm sure almost everyone has had a few moments on rides that were just a little scary? For me its ascending Hurakan Condor for the first time at night on stand up floorless, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit sp00ked on the way up. For some reason vertical lift hills get to me, I never enjoy them and just want them to end.


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Easily flyers for me. I already don't like being dangled face-first with all my weight on my restraint, but the restraints themselves are the worst if you're as terrified of enclosed spaces as I am. Despite it being at my home park I haven't ridden Firehawk since 2013 for this reason.

Skyrush and X2 both left me swearing the entire ride in fear for my life, but my opinions on the two quality-wise couldn't be more different.


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Heights can be an issue for me, so both TTD and Zumanjaro were terrifying.
TTD because I had never been on anything that high before and I had it in my head it would stall at the top.
Zumanjaro because being lifted 415ft at a relatively slow pace is scary as hell!


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Oblivion. Still. First ''big'' coaster I rode after over coming my fears of them and it still scares me today.


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Probably the night ride on the front right wing of SkyRush. You couldn't see anything, and I was being thrown everyhwere.

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Yeah, I second Skyrush. The only coaster where I've properly thought I'd come out of my seat. It took me a few goes to trust it enough to even let go.


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Bucket-on-a-stick at Tibidabo.

Got on all bullish, camera in hand, took a few pics before it slowly dawned on me that I was feeling very very unsafe. Slowly and carefully switched off the camera, put it in my pocket and held onto a rail for my life.

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I don't find rides particularly scary anymore. I guess I can get very nervous when I'm anticipating something, like I still have a mini meltdown on launch coasters in the few seconds before getting launched. The same goes for (but to a lesser extent) waiting at he top of drop towers and on dive machines.


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I've never ridden a ride where the actual ride scares me. Some fair flats are intense, sure, but not exactly scary. The anticipation of some rides have made me quite nervous though. Most drop towers and waiting at the top of the booster at PowerPark come in mind.

When it comes to coasters, I can't think of anything. I used to be a bit nervous on big coasters when I just got into them, but I never found it scary in the end. Maybe the volare? But mostly because I was scared of pain, and of being thrown around in the 'cage' you are in.

The last roll on Junker did make me feel like I was going to slip out, which was really fab <3


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Recently, only Skyrush and Karnan.

Both have drops that make you feel like you're going to come out and die.


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In absolute terms Oblivion is where I've been most scared, but I was only 10 when I first did it. More recently the only rides that really terrified me were the Stratosphere rides, especially Insanity. Just a lap bar between you and a 1000ft drop is horrible. Fantastic ride though; the nerves create butterflies in your stomach to the extent that it's like airtime.


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david morton said:
Bucket-on-a-stick at Tibidabo.
<3 TALAIA... I was smart enough to ride it twice. The only part I did not care for was how wobbly the bucket got at the very top when it would stop to load the other end.

As far as coasters go, I've honestly never really been afraid or scared of them. Even my first time riding skycoaster I was more excited or anxious, not necessarily 'scared'. But the first time I went bungee jumping I was incredibly excited but as soon as I got to the point where I was standing at the edge of the platform and they told me to jump, I had second thoughts. I did eventually jump off it and I enjoyed it but then a year later when I had the chance to go bungee jumping a second time I passed on it, since I had already done it before.... But for what it's worth, about a month ago I did in fact go bungee jumping a second time. It was much easier to step off than it was the first time but again standing at the far edge of the platform just thinking, was still pretty intimidating. I also thought I would be scared doing a SCAD a jump/fall but once I got to the top of the platform I actually felt fine and ended up doing it 3 times in a row.


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Only coaster that comes to mind is Oblivion. The queue line videos really built up the nerves for 12-year old me and I was a bit scared when it came to riding (and it really did show on the ORP!). But the actual coaster itself didn't scare me, it was just the theme / story really. I'm fine with it now though.

Other than that, there's no ride that I can think of that I actually find scary or anything!


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Smithy said:
Oblivion. Still. First ''big'' coaster I rode after over coming my fears of them and it still scares me today.

What he said.^

I can ride it nowadays without even breaking a sweat, but back in the day, when it first opened (and for several years afterwards) this was THE scariest ride around.
No coaster since has frightened me that much.


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My first ride on oblivion and then the next couple of times at later Alton trips.. It's SO intimidating first time

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Eaisly The great pumpkin coaster. It was the most intense coaster I've ever ridden. There was ejector airtime 50 times as intense as skyrush's in the station, and I blacked out exactly 56 times.
In all seriousness it's probably dodopna. It felt like my face was gonna get ripped off.