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Saw: The Ride 2 cars?

Im really confused about Saw.

Apparently it has 2 cars, can someone explain to me what's the difference between the 2, appearence-wise and ride rise, and apperently they differ in ride length?



Where did you hear this? I'm pretty certain they're all the same. I can find out for deffinate but I'm 99% sure they're all more or less identical.


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The second car has a slower paced ride and gets the full of Jigsaw's speech at the beginning. First car is better. Jigsaw's speech is a waste of time.


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It has two loading points in the station.
The loading point at the back get an extra "section" at the beginning of the ride just around the first bend (it's nothing special), but the first loading point doesn't get this.

So, the cars people talk about are actually just the 2 different loading points.


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Yeah, it' kinda like Oblivion. Two cars get loaded and dispatched at the same time.
The first car goes off and round the track. The second car just goes around the corner and stops. Jigsaw then comes out on his bike and gives a speech while the first car gets to the lift hill.

The first car is the better ride as the pace is much better and you don't keep stopping. You still see Jigsaw in the first car, but all he does is laugh instead of give a talk.

So not a major difference, but something worth knowing.


Ahhh sorry I thought you meant the physical car.
Yeah two are loaded at once.... blah blah blah, see above.