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According to permits recently filed by Busch Gardens Tampa, SandSerpent will be enclosed for the 2018 season. The wild mouse style roller coaster in Pantopia will have a building constructed around it, which will also house the queue area of the ride. The coaster is also sometimes listed as Sand Serpent (two words) and was formerly known as Cheetah Chase until Cheetah Hunt was opened in 2011.


Testing around the site, including four boring locations, was completed in the last several weeks. It appears from paperwork filed with the permit application that the site can support a structure being built around the roller coaster.

There is no confirmed timeline for this project, although its completion date is expected sometime in 2018. By fully enclosing SandSerpent and the queue, it should allow the roller coaster to continue normal operation during inclement weather at the park, adding to the limited options available to guests during thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Sounds like an interesting move. Although I am not a fan of the Dark Knight at various SF parks, I think something like this could be a very nice experience if done correctly.


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When I first saw "Sand Serpent BGT" in the title I thought/hoped it was getting removed. The thing spited me but BGT doesn't need something like that anyway. I guess this move is fine though.


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It could be great if they really start to enhance the experience with animatronics etc. I really enjoyed Dark Knight!

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