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S&S Axis Coaster for Saudi Arabia FEC's


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So, the coaster is... not big at all. In fact, it's incredibly small. And despite my want for a larger product I am here for it;

  • Transformers parks will be FEC's. A single 8 passenger train leaves less to be desired, but the size should overall do it. Maybe S&S really should go into the FEC business with this, lower those prices and produce in bulk (exact case here), you never know who'd pick it up 🤣
  • S&S has a rep right now for building notoriously troublesome pieces of hardware, which has been costing them sales lately (particularly in North America, where Steel Curtain continues to unimpress). Downsizing seems to be a good step towards ensuring these rides work, as they MUST be able to deliver to a client like this.
  • Small footprint and cost means that if these really do **** the bed, SEVEN can remove the ride without too much loss and easily find a replacement. In the circumstance that it does work as intended, they may have a win on their hands.
  • The handful of people adamantly vowing to never travel to Saudi Arabia won't miss out on too much with this ride.
Overall the coaster is more of a novelty rather than a thorough ride experience, but I'll be sure to hit it up when I do venture out to the Middle East and hope this is a good step towards getting S&S back on track, as well as more so proving the viability of what could be a pretty cool coaster.



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It's been elaborated that there will be three of these things, all very different from one another;
  1. Riyadh (Al Madha) - Displayed at IAAPA (in the post above), will be 14m tall (somehow), 238m long, and run the two lap cycle via launch track.
  2. Dammam - 45-degree lift hill and 261m long
  3. Jeddah - Will be triple-launched, presumably a swing motion
There's another entry listed on RCDB for Yanbu with a 35mph launch but that hasn't been verified elsewhere at this time.