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Runaway Wooden Coaster


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Here is the Woodie i've been working on using Newton 2 and Nolimits :p
There are no G pumps at all, here are the stats...

I dont think it will let me upload pics, so here's a video!

Uncle Arly

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I really like that. Has really nice pace throughout, and doesn't let up. The airtime also seems good.

Can we have a download link, please?


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i would but mediafire won't let upload the file for some reason, is there another way


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WOW thats much better than I thought it was :p Anything to improve on? Because that would help


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I agree with Arly. Just a fantastic ride all around, really smooth, good pacing, good layout, headchoppers, overall fantastic, and I don't see much you need to work on. :)


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I'm not in the mood to do a full review, but I'll definitely second everything RCF and Arly have said. A really really nice ride. It felt like a wooden Mega-Lite. :p

Good job! 9/10


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Wow thanks so much guys, although to any of you guys know how to make transitions in Newton 2 smoother so my next coaster can flow more fluently because i'm not the best at it at the moment :p


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You still need to work on your multi-force transitions, felt very newtonized to me. Not bad though :)
The best original Woodie i have ever seen, i liked it

9/10 Very Well Done, You should be proud ;-)

After re-riding in the sim the only comment i would like to make is about your supports, the fact that they are not very "realistic" in terms od where they support, like the very first corner at the top of the lift is only supported by a thin wall of posts, and most of the faster corners are not very detailed, love the head choppers, and love the airtime, however even though riders do like sooth steady speed we also like transition, like we want to feel the ride slow, and speed up, where your coaster, as great as it is, just goes 30mph or there about for the whole ride, which again isnt realistic, but for a fun coaster the concept and implementation is superb, and i can see you going on to make future fantastic no limits creations ...