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Y. Kim

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Recently an interview of T Express ride mechanic with Yoo Jae Seok. The same coaster that Korean TV program Infinite Challenge had a challenge to eat Chinese noodle while riding a coaster. Watch from 7:10


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On More4 in the UK tonight (31st Aug) there's a "Building Giants" programme ; looks to be about Yukon Striker.

Just gave this a watch on the ol' All4 catch-up thingy.
Was pretty good to be honest, made a nice change to watch a construction documentary on a proper telly rather than a mobile phone screen. Had some great, vertigo-inducing footage of the build and, unusually for a documentary aimed at the "gp", the facts and the terminology were actually spot on.
Good stuff.
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Yeah was pretty good that, not dumbed down too much and got to see quite a few bits of the process I'd not seen much of before.
Could have ended on a nice POV though ;)


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This has probably already been mentioned, but RMC just put this on their Instagram. Really looking forward to watching it!