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Love this site! Wanna know why?
Cos that grinning, bespectacled buffoon Sanbrooke was on telly yesterday yamping on about the reopening of Alton Towers - prime time Central News no less - and none of y'all has bothered to even mention it. Maybe none of y'all saw it, but I'd much rather think that some of y'all did see it and simply chose not to give the guy any more free publicity.

Either way, y'all are the best! X
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I'm not generally a fan of vlogging and sure, the over-the-top style and endless publicising grates, but I've actually developed a grudging respect for TPW over the last few months. I enjoy theme parks as much as the next goon, but the effort those videos must require as well as maintaining that level of enthusiasm is in some way commendable.

I've also enjoyed having a semi-reliable source for'when are things re-opening' updates and endless footage of much-missed parks - yes, that's how boring I've found lockdown...