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Rock & Roller Coasters: ICON BELIEVE IT! (BPB, 23rd June)

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The most exciting new UK coaster in years is nearly upon us! Now when we say we're going to ride "Grey", we don't mean Revolution... we mean ICON!


JUST LOOK AT IT!! :eek::eek:

Saturday 23rd June.
Park opens at 10am with the "earliest ride closing" being 6, so it might open later!

Usual place outside the Grand National entrance by 10:15. Give yourself plenty of time to get your wristband!

There is a possibility of ERT. It's still early days discussion and there is a cost involved - looking at £15 per person for an unspecified time. Like I said - early days discussion. This will be in conjunction with Pleasure Beach Experience. If we were to get a minimum of 60 people, the cost of ERT per person would drop significantly. This is a separate payment to the wristband.

If you're going, post below and let me know if interested in the possible ERT.

Hopefully see a good chunk of you all on the 23rd!


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Yes, I'll be there, and yes I'm in for the ERT.

Just as an FYI, if you order wristbands online for 23rd June, they'll mail them out to you along with your entry ticket, so you don't have to faff collecting them on the day. Apparently they're doing this if you order far enough in advance and they expect the park to be busy on the day.


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I’ve never done a Live before and the nearest I’ve got to meeting any of you was walking past Ian at the top of Blackpool Tower (which I only found out later). So put me down as a “maybe” and I’ll try and know either way soon.


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I'm interested in attending, can't confirm 100% yet though. Would ERT likely be before or after normal park hours?

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I'll be there. Maybe with cake as it's my birthday the day before.

I'll do ERT if everyone else wants to but to be honest I'm not that keen on paying for it - it might set a slippery slope for other parks and we've been so lucky with free ERT until now.

Very excited about Icon. God I hope it isn't ****.


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I should be coming along to this, yes to the ERT also.
Anyone travelling up from London and/or need a roomie for the weekend?


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Once I've passed my probation I'll put it through with work. And yes to Icon ERT was going to do the PBE event if they do one anyway.


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Just to plant an idea, since a few of us still have comp tickets from Alton's snowfest, anybody up for Alton on Sunday? Or are we having the traditional post-Blackpool hangover?


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I actually planned on monging around Blackpool that day - there's a +1 on the pier that I need and I've never done the ghost train in Coral Island so I'll likely roll out of bed basically dead and schlump myself around the seaside before heading home early-ish. After a breakfast at the Velvet Coaster, of course.

Speaking of hangovers...Funny Girls anyone?
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