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I've had this milling around since I saw Pipeline's announcement. I wasn't sure I GOT what B&M were doing with their surf coaster, but once I saw the trains I think I understand now and I think it's a really exciting new model. Obviously as I usually do when I get excited about a new B&M, I went to go make my own to try and understand what it's all about, what forces and the speed and such. I haven't deviated much from what Pipeline has done, just my usual "sister of a real ride" style design.

But it was surprisingly tough to nail a layout when it primarily focuses on turns and hills and you don't have big elements to pick out from. The main feel of the coaster is based around a kind of slalom s-bendy feeling which I think will be really cool on the surf trains. (Also if anyone is working on custom trains please get in touch)

But yeah, I FINALLY have a layout, I did many many variants before I landed on this, not sure what I'm doing in terms of presentation yet, but I love the way this moves.



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