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Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss; who do you want to be Britain’s next prime minister?

Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss; who would you like to be Britain’s next Prime Minister?

  • Rishi Sunak

    Votes: 9 22.5%
  • Liz Truss

    Votes: 3 7.5%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 8 20.0%
  • They’re both awful

    Votes: 20 50.0%

  • Total voters

Matt N

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Hi guys. As many of you probably know, Britain’s current prime minister Boris Johnson is on his way out, and a Conservative leadership contest is currently underway to determine his successor. This race has now whittled down the many leadership hopefuls within the Tory party to the final two, and the final two candidates are Rishi Sunak, the ex-Chancellor, and Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary. So I’d be keen to know; which of the final two would you prefer to be Britain’s next prime minister?

Personally, I’m not too sure. I’d probably go Rishi Sunak if I was pressed, as I think he does come across in a very respectable and honourable manner when you see him on TV (not that Truss doesn’t, mind you), but I’m not really strongly for or against either, to be honest. My political beliefs don’t really align with those of the Conservative Party anyway, so it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me which of the two candidates wins.

But which of the 2 potential Prime Ministers would you choose?


Donkey in a hat
As one of the 3 million self employed who were 'Excluded' from any sort of lockdown support, I have a particularly personal objection to Rishi Rat taking the helm.
But then I'm not overly fussed about Liz Truss either, sooo.... 🤷‍♂️


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They are both truly hideous. Neither has a good record on LGBTQ+ rights. I'd probably pick Rishi if I had to because whilst he's deplorable, Liz is both deplorable and stupid which is a VERY dangerous combination (see also Donald Trump). Also, can you imagine seeing Liz representing the UK on the world stage at the G8 etc. Shudders.


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I'm not too into it but Liz seems better from afar. She handled Russia quite well as foreign secretary and she says she is libertarian.

My favourite of them all was Kemi Badenoch.

Atleast all of them seem better than the lunatic politicians we have in Sweden. Those idiots wanted to demolish Wildfire ffs.
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I love cheese but that little speech hasn't won me over at all.

Is there no option to keep both love spuds and have neither candidate?


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Both are equally horrible. I would much rather have May back to be honest, love or hate her she had more integrity than any of the current cabinet/Boris.
I just want my PM to be someone who does not break the rules they set, to have some respect for their country, and to try their hardest and not stutter half arsed lies.

Sunak is currently under fire and for good reason, he and the government as a whole could of really tried to make caps on gas and electric bills like the French, but all he did was announce another tax raise and a dodgy loan to 'help' us?

Truss is equally awful, and honestly she is just a Boris lapdog who'd let Boris back into the cabinet. I guess Sunak if i had to choose? I'd still depise him.


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I think you've kind of hit the nail on the head here @Furiustobaco; as much as I despised May, at least she had integrity. It's a very very dangerous slope to put politics on, where not even the Prime Minister can be held accountable. The contents of my bedroom bin would make a more politically sound candidate than the pair of Sunak and Truss combined.

They both strike me as people I would take great pleasure out of slurring at in tongues that their surely huge aristocratic minds simply could not comprehend.

Have you ever sad wagwan to someone who lives in a nice house in the Cotswolds? Even saying hello can strike them as being something grossly offensive..


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So i have been reading up on Sunak and Truss, and Sunak is very hardly failing. I completely regret ever wanting to win over Truss anyway- this is a statement made from him.

“The worst offender in this regard is the 2010 Equality Act, conceived in the dog days of the last Labour government.

“It has been a Trojan horse that has allowed every kind of woke nonsense to permeate public life.

To me this is truely unforgivable and i hope Truss continues to thrash him in popularity within the party.
I hate Truss but Sunak's statements actively make me seethe with rage towards him.

The 2010 Equality Act is in my opinion a great thing- it helps protect people who are disabled to work, people who are gay, black, women, amongst others from discrimination. I am no hard liberal or "woke" but i do believe protecting those people from direct discrimination is absolutely positive and promotes diversity within workplaces. He also went to wage war on 'wokeness'. I am a centrist polictically speaking, and i believe fighting war on 'wokeness' is more of a buzzword or a way to gain pro-right voters.

It is a pander- i would much rather he wage war on the cost of living, the fact we cannot heat our homes, the cost of our fuel, the major problems with our railway system, the backlog of the NHS, the major rising reccession and how we are going to deal with it, and foreign relationships in the age of a major war on a continent.

Fighting "wokeness" is not going to be important when people are freezing to death in there own homes because they cannot afford to heat their homes due to heating bills skyrocketing, neither will it help an epileptic get to work when all tube and train workers are on strike because of unfair wages and no government intervention at all. Neither will it help when you cannot afford your rent each week because inflation is rapidly rising and the cost of bread goes up due to the food shortage the world is going to see due to the current blockade and state of the Black Sea (Ukraine and Russia are amongst the biggest exporters of wheat).


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It's an interesting, yet infuriating scenario where we find ourselves at the moment.

I did isidewith for the first time in a little while, and I got all my usual scores, but, tory's have slumped by over 30% from when I last did it. (I strongly encourage you to do this as the results are always a little surprising). Whether thats a change in character, a change in manifesto execution, or realistically, unequivocally, a bit of both, isn't on topic here...

But my god. Isn't politics in this country so bloody dreary at the minute?

Sunak's interviews remind me of the rich kids in secondary school who'd spend the whole detention just moaning at the teacher on the brink of tears, whining about how they didn't do anything wrong.

I've seen pieces of cooked spaghetti with more structure than Truss' spine.

And it's really, really, really scary that one of these gremlins is going to be running the country in a month.

I wrote so much dribble on a couple of other sub topics of this candidate race but to be honest, the pools of online political discussion are too merky for my liking, and I'm not sure a rollercoaster forum is the place for them. I'm curious if anyone on here likes Sunak or Truss. I'd like to hear that persons views and rationale.


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I can’t wait to see the party elected again- brexit really reassured us that the population are gullible as ever :))

After the more than likely Truss term. I’m sure we’ll get a Jacob Rees Mogg Term

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Matt N

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I've decided they're both ****ing awful.

Rishi Sunak is beyond out of touch with what people are going through now, and will be going through in a few months' time.

Liz Truss is so dense that light bends around her.
Fair enough… I’ve added a new “they’re both awful” option, in that case!